Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Unification Church

FOUNDERCharles Taze Russell (1852-1916), later Joseph F Rutherford (1869-1942). Began 1879 in Pennsylvania. Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. FOUNDERJoseph Smith. Jr (1805-1844), founded the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) IN 1830 in New York. Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. FOUNDERSun Myung Moon (b 1920). Founded “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” 1954 in South Korea. Current headquarters in New York City.
WRITINGSAll current Watchtower publications, including the Bible (New World Translation only), Reasoning From the Scriptures, You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth. Watchtower and Awake! magazines. WRITINGSThe Book of Mormon; Doctrine and Covenants; Pearl of Great Price; the Bible (KJV only or Smith’s “inspired Version”); authoritative teachings of Mormon prophets and other LDS “general authorities”. WRITINGS Divine Principle by Sun Myung Moon, considered the “Completed Testament”. Outline of the Principle. Level 4, and the Bible. (The Bible is not the truth itself, but a textbook teaching the truth”).
GODOne Person God, called Jehovah. Jesus is not God Almighty. Jesus is the first thing Jehovah created. GODGod the Father was once a man, but “progressed” to godhood. He has a physical body, as does His wife (heavenly Mother). Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are three separate gods themselves. GODGo is both positive and negative. God created the universe out of Himself; the universe is God’s “body”. God does not know the future, is suffering, and needs man (Sun Myung Moon) to make Him happy.
JESUSJesus is not God Almighty. Before He lived on earth, He was Michael, the archangel. Jehovah made the universe through Him. On earth He was a man who lived a perfect life. After dying on a stake (not cross), He was resurrected as a spirit; His body was destroyed. Jesus is not coming back again; He returned invisibly in 1914 in spirit. Very soon, He and the angels will destroy all non-Jehovah’s Witnesses. JESUSJesus is a separate god from the Father (Elohim). He was created as a spirit child by the Father and Mother in heaven, and is “the elder brother” of all men and spirit beings. His body was created through sexual union between Elohim and Mary. Jesus was married. His death on the cross does not provide full atonement for all sin, but does provide everyone with resurrection. JESUSJesus was a perfect man, not God. He is the son of Zechariah, not born of a virgin. His mission was to unite the Jews behind Him, find a perfect bride, and begin a perfect family. The mission failed. Jesus did not resurrect physically. The second coming of Christ is fulfilled in Sun Myung Moon, who is superior to Jesus and will finish Jesus’ mission.
HOLY SPIRITImpersonal “holy spirit” is not God, but rather an invisible active force from Jehovah. HOLY SPIRITThe “Holy Spirit” is different from the “Holy Ghost”. The “Holy Spirit” is not God, but is an influence or electricity-like emanation from God (or “light of Christ”) HOLY SPIRITThe Holy Spirit is a feminine spirit who works with Jesus in the spirit world to lead people to Sun Myung Moon
SALVATIONBe baptized as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most followers must earn everlasting life on earth by door – to – door work. Salvation in heaven is limited to 144,000 “anointed ones”. This number is already established. SALVATIONResurrected by grace, but saved (exalted to godhood) by works, including faithfulness to church leaders, Mormon baptism, tithing, ordination, marriage, and secret temple rituals. No eternal life without Mormon membership. SALVATIONObedience to and acceptance of the true parents (Moon and his wife) eliminate sin and result in perfection. Those married by Moon and his wife drink a special holy wine containing 21 ingredients (including the true parents blood).
DEATHThe 144,000 live as spirits in heaven, The rest of the righteous, “the great crowd,” live on earth, and must obey God perfectly for 1,000 years or be annihilated. DEATHEventually nearly everyone goes to one of three separate heavenly “kingdoms”, with some achieving godhood. Apostates and murderers go to “outer darkness” DEATHAfter death one gets to the spirit world. There is no resurrection. Members advance by convincing others to follow Sun Myung Moon. Everyone will be saved, even Satan.
OTHER BELIEFSKnown as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Meet in ‘Kingdom Halls’ instead of churches. Active members encouraged to distribute literature door to door. Once a year, Lord’s evening meal (communion); only “anointed” ones may partake. Do not observe holidays or birthdays. Forbidden to vote, salute the flag, work in the military, or accept blood transfusions. OTHER BELIEFSNo alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or tea. Baptism on behalf of the dead. Two-year missionary commitment encouraged. Door – to – door proselytizing. Secret temple rituals available only to members in good standing. Extensive social network. People of African ancestry were not granted full access to Mormon priesthood and privileges until 1978. OTHER BELIEFSAlso known as “Family Federation for World Peace and Unification”. Mass marriages based on different racial backgrounds, arranged and performed by Moon. Members believe that Jesus bows down to Sun Myung Moon and that Moon is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Lamb of God. Contact with spirits of the dead accepted and common.

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