The Jewishness of Christianity

Posted By Thomas Perez. June 3, 2011 at 10:35pm. Copyright 2011.

The Background: Isaiah 11 & 12

Section 1

How many tribes were there?

Answer – 12

How many Jewish tribes were there?

Answer – 1 – the Jew – Judah the 4th born of Jacob

Section 2

The First Born Blessing Split In Two

What did they get?

Answer –

The full account is found in Genesis 48 and 49

1. Judah – Received the kinship, preeminence, priestly blessing (Gen 49:10)

2. Joseph – received the double inheritance. This was a prophetic utterance of what was to transpire later. The blessing continues to Ephraim and Manasseh. In Genesis 48:19 we see the term “melo – ha – goyim,” which literally means the to become a multitude of nations. In many translations it is rendered “fullness of the gentiles”. These were they who were out of covenant. The word “goyim” means out of Covenant. Thus, God made His covenant with Judah. The other tribes were out of covenant – as we shall see later – due to their constant rebellion against God and His commandments.

Ephraim who now carried the 1st born blessing of the House of Israel was to be a multitude of nations.

Section 3

The Most Significant Prophecy Besides The Messiah Is….

Answer – Deut 29:15 – 29:14-15

These verses tell us of the conditions set forth by Jehovah. It does not imply salvation – for they were already chosen – However as chosen people of God, they had to obey the commandments of God. The covenantal prerequisites of promises and curses that would befall the Israelites, were declared onto them as they arrived, overlooking the land of Canaan. Moreover, (and this is most vital) verses 14-15 in chapter 29, is in reference to ALL after them – all generations to come, for all Israelites, and those who attain themselves to the covenant.

Fast forward to the kings

Section 4

All 12 tribes (Israelites) were governed under 3 kings (Saul, David, & Solomon) They were governed as one, until Solomon blew it (I Kings 11:31). The kingdom of Israel was split into two, similar to the cloth that was split in two. 10 tribes went to Solomon’s servant, Jeroboam and the other two tribes went to his son. Thus, the kingdom of Israel became the kingdom of the north thus becoming the House of Israel (the House of Ephraim) & the kingdom of the south became what is called the House of Judah. The north consisted of 10 tribes & the south contained two.

Note: The tribe of Benjamin probably intermarried with the tribe of Judah.

The 10 tribes constantly broke God’s commandments, thus they were scattered after the Assyrian crisis – never to come back – they assembled into the four corners of the earth. Some say they were never to be heard from again – is this accurate? Overtime they became known as the ‘goyam’ (gentiles) as fulfillment of Genesis 48

The Southern kingdom was taken captive by the Babylonian empire – thus they realized that they had broken the covenantal commandments of God & they repented. Due to this act of repentance God brought them back into the promised land, upon which the 2nd Jewish temple was built – even in troublous times. It is the very same temple upon which Jehovah would enter ( Mal 3:1, Matt 21:1-16) This is why Israel is connected to what is known (even in the times of Christ, up to today) as the Jewish people, because they (the South) came back.

Section 5

Deut 30:1-6

Key word is return in verse 2, gather from all the nations verse 3. It is God asking “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways”, etc (II Cron 7:14).

In verses 5 & 6 of Deut 30, we see the promises of God, indicating that He will bring them back into the land & upon doing do so, circumcise their hearts and the hearts of their seed to love the Lord with all their soul, that they may live. From the perspective of Deuteronomical recordings; “did this happen yet?” The answer to that is “no.” It must be a future event.

Fast Forward To Jesus’ Time

During Jesus’ time we had the covenant people & the out of covenant people. Even as they (the out of covenant people) were scattered, they were still outside the city. Jesus showed great concern for this when He uttered….

“But He answered and said, “I am not sent but onto the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matt 15:24).

Another such example is found in Matthew 15:1-30.…when He healed the daughter of a woman from the coast of Tyre and Sidon, who was vexed with evil spirits. Obviously, she is of the scattered house of Israel, as revealed in vs. 26-28 – for she only know of the Covenant – but could not enjoy its fruits, only the crumbs they enjoyed (that which they heard in the market places, at water wells, at the squares, villages, towns, etc). But they were never allowed into the synagogues.

Another example is found in John 11:54, where He went into a city called Ephraim (cross ref with II Cron 13:19)

Similar passages are found in John 10:3-7, 16. Israel is called the scattered sheep in Jere 50:17. They are called the remnant of Israel that will be bought together as the sheep of Boaz. They shall make great noise by reason of a multitude of men (Mic 2:12). Ezek 11:16, 34:12, also confirms this.

In all actuality the New Testament is the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is the New Testament revealed. Ponder the thought.

Many of us are trained to think it as the other way around.

For we must un think ourselves in ref to these passages of Scripture & un think Calvinism.

Section 6

Characteristics of Judah

1. They have the law (Gen 49:10)

2. They did not lose their identity because they came back

3. They will reject the Messiah

4. They are “those that are near” (Dan 9:7)

Characteristics of Ephraim

1. They were scattered (far off)

2. They are the 10 tribes

3. They are among the gentiles (Hosea 8:8)

4. They have forgotten the name of their God (Jere 23:27)

5. They are wealthy (Gen 49:22)

6. They do not know or understand the law of God, they do not keep it (Hosea 8:10)

7. They are called “not my people” (Hosea 2:23, Isa 57:19, Jere 50:6)

8. Majority will come from the west (Hosea 13:15)

Section 7

So Are The 12 Tribes Found In The New Testament?

Answer – Yes

We see the Jews, the Gentiles, and the Scattered flock of the House of Israel

For they were made referenced to in John 11:45-54 by Caiaphas, the high priest.

For they are mentioned of by the Apostle Peter (I Pet 1;1)

For they are mentioned of by the Apostle James (James 1:1)

In retrospect, the doctrine of election is that God had chosen a nation, elected them, they went their own ways (scattered among the nations, thus becoming the fullness of the gentiles), and He predestined them back into the New Covenant. Fulfilling His promise to sniff out the scattered tribes of Ephraim (Amos 9:9), who were often found among the Greeks (John 7:33-35).

Paul illustrates this point in Romans 9:24, where he quoted from Hosea 1:10 – God will bring them back.

1. Romans 12:14-15 is a quote from Jeremiah 31:33 – a popular verse.

2. That which was broken into pieces (Jere 11:16) is now grafted into one (Rom 11:24)

3. The fullness of the gentiles is the northern kingdom established – representing all Israel.

4. For all Israel shall be saved (Rom 11:26)

5. For it is God’s Covenant / promise He made onto them (Rom 11:27)

6. The House is brought back together

All this is confirmed again by the Apostle Paul – the greatest rabbical scholar of the Torah, and the writing of the prophets in (Eph 2:11-19)….This pretty much sums of the question that the Apostles asked concerning the Kingdom of God.

Section 8

But all this can not be true based on Jeremiah 3:8. In Jere 3:8 God had divorced Israel and Judah, Moreover, God had said in the Torah, that even we can’t remarry once we are divorced. Thus we have a dilemma. How can God marry the backsliding harlot Israel, when she slept with many? Can a woman marry another? Yes, if the husband dies (Rom 7:1-2). But God never dies. Therefore, wouldn’t God be breaking His own commandments, if He was to marry her (Israel)?

Ah, but here is the beauty of the greatest love story ever – the Scriptures reveal that the Husband did die – for He died for His Bride, as verses 3-4 reveals in Romans 7. And He is raised from the dead, so that we should bring forth fruits onto God.

Now the obvious question one might ask is…. “Did Christ Jesus only come for them?” “Did He only come for the Israelites?”

Answer –

All can be grafted in as Exodus 12:48-49 reveals. For we are all circumcised of the heart. And eventually all will be grafted (I Tim 4:10)

Haven’t you figured this out by now? You are spiritual & national Israel.

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