The Affordable Care Act?

Posted By Thomas Perez. September 18, 2013 at 11:41pm. 

With the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ dubbed ‘Obamacare,’ on the horizon and soon to be in full effect, I have, and had, several concerns concerning the state of affairs in which our health care system will soon implement unto itself, though not by its own powers. This implementation is nothing short of a socialized governmental program. Today, those who are less fortunate of the senior category either have Medicaid as an HMO and Medicare as its primary (Parts A & B) – or they have a choice to either cancel their Medicaid and choose another HMO plan like AARP, Health-First, or GHI, etc. I should know, I handled all the affairs when it came to the health of my mother, especially when she was no longer able to make decisions for herself during the final days before her passing. Moreover, as a medical records reviewer – in conjunction with medical coding, I saw at first hand how the health care industry operates from the business perspective. It is not to be taken lightly.

Medical coding is the process where each and every individual disease is given a number. This number is called a code (I.e. diabetes is coded as 250. Diabetes with complications is coded 250.1 and so on), the number system of all diseases is thus submitted after a diagnosis has been confirmed to various HMO’s and health insurance agencies. They even have a code for headaches. Nothing is left UN-billable.

When the billing process is performed, the business aspect of this great multi-trillion dollar industry survives and in turn pays the doctor for services rendered. Thus one is not allowed to code 250 as the primary diagnosis (even though it is the primary source of the patients misery in life). Therefore a particular patient who had a diabetic attack with complications will be coded as follows 250.1, 250, and so on. But of course it gets even more complicated than that. After all is said and done, the doctor gets the highest payout possible due to the coders coding arrangement. Nurse’s get no payment (though they do most of the progress notes and are in contact with the patient more) their payment is through the facility they work for; I.e. hospitals, clinics, and even non-profit community health care agencies such as “Community Health Care Network” (an agency I once worked for). The hospital or practice is merely a plug in for the doctor to earn his/her salary. Unlike nurses, a doctors paycheck varies from year to year, and this is due to the coding process.

But how would things be coded now under the Obamacare package? The implementation of socialized healthcare would greatly affect the coding process because facilities will only be mandated to diagnosis the primary, and not any underlying cause’s. However, if an underlying cause of some type is problematic, but unconfirmed due to a possible wide range of causes, doctors will, in all-likelihood, want to avoid the stigma of a possible audit, especially if he or she is operating from a private clinic. Hospitals however will have their own set of policies based on the demographics of the locale and community – but again such policies would be subject to the rules of a 2050 page monstrosity.

The above was only a small sample of how the “system” works. A system soon to be socialized. The implantation of governmental control (or as some would call it “bigger government”) will either directly or indirectly affect free enterprises, economic growth on a whole, the small business, a doctors prerogative to provide quality health care or not due to a socialized “straight rate,” and civil choice. It is because of such issues I became concerned some time ago, but kept silent overall. Though I have expressed various concerns to different friends during coffee and lunch breaks, some of which I had relayed predicted dangers or potential threats. And it is for this reason I have submitted my foresight and concern. Now while not an expert in the areas of politics and business, I do admit to an expertise when it comes to my own foresight and seeing that foresight FULFILLED and shared by others – via – PBS, Fox, CNN, and various reputable websites.

The following is a list taken from the Obamacare Health Care Manuel. Out of the 2050 page manual, I only foresaw 20 issues as being “dangerous” to America and the individual right to choose, business or personal alike. It is taken from a website. Out of the 50 posted there, I saw the following threats beforehand. Each one is numbered according to its respective list – along with the actual Manuel page. The issues discussed at the site is paraphrased for interpretive purposes, more or less – the site actually admits this. But this is no different than how we interpret a Biblical citation, or a critique of art, theater, or dialogue. Instead, what the site intends to show is its probable concerns. Concerns that are all to prevalent and real as its cause for alarm, as demonstrated by various members of Congress, the House, and the American people.

In Reference to Those Concerned With Obamacare…

1) Pg 22 mandates that the Government will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure. So every employer in the United States will be subjected to a health insurance audit just as all taxpayers are subject to audit. Of course, we will have to pay for an entire new bureaucracy to do this–the Internal Health Revenue Service?
2) Pg 30, Sec 123 states that there will be a government committee that decides what treatments you are allowed and what your overall benefits are.
3) Pg 29, lines 4-16 basically mandates the rationing of health care as is being done in Canada.
6) Pg 58 states that government will have possession of all your health care records & history including finances and you will have to have a National ID Health-Card – (This was the first pf my predictions).
14) PG 102, lines 12-18 mandates that all Medicaid eligible will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid based upon income and insurance status. No choice.
18) Pg 126, lines 22-25 mandates that employers must pay for health insurance even for part-time workers and their families, which will certainly lead to massive layoffs.
26) Pg 241, line 6-8 mandates that all doctors receive the same pay, regardless of specialty. This will vastly reduce the number of specialists available in the United States, a common problem where medicine is socialized like Canada.
27) PG 253, line 10-18 allows the federal government to set the value of doctor’s time, professional judgment.
32) Pg 298, lines 9-11 mandates that if a doctor treats a patient during initial admission and that result in a re-admission, the doctor will be subject to federal penalties. Gee do you think that’s going to drive up the cost of malpractice?
37) Pg 341, lines 3-9 allows the government to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans and HMO forcing people into the government run public plan.
40) PG 425, lines 4-12 mandates “Advance Care Planning Consultation,” another insidious vehicle to save money by encouraging seniors who are in poor health to be more accepting of death rather than fighting to stay alive and healthy and with their loved ones – (this was never vetoed – but merely modified).
41) Pg 425, lines 17-19 mandates that all senior patients will be consulted regarding living wills, durable powers of attorney.
42) PG 425, lines 22-25, 426 lines 1-3 provides an approved list of end of life resources, to help guide seniors about the process of dying!
43) PG 427, lines 15 mandates program for orders on the end of life, actually giving the government a say in how your life ends!
46) Pg 429, lines 13-25 will only allow certain doctors, not necessarily your own physician, to write an end of life order.
47) PG 430, lines 11-15 allows the government to decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life.

In Reference to Businesses I foresaw only two dangers…

Pg 42 recognizes the power of the Health Choices Commissioner to determine your health benefits. You will have no choice.
Pg 72, lines 8-14 creates a Health Care Exchange to bring private health insurance plans under government control. This part of the bill reveals Obama’s lies about being able to keep your plan if you like it. Any health insurance plan which does not completely rework itself to conform to these regulations will be dropped from the exchange and those insured will have to pick one of the plans in the exchange. This is why the Congressional Budget Office determined that over 20 million will lose the coverage they are now enjoying if Obamacare is implemented.

In Reference to Rationing I foresaw only two dangers…

PG 85, line 7 provides specifics for benefit levels for all health plans, giving government the right to ration everyone’s healthcare.
Pg 239, line 14-24 mandates that available physician services will be reduced for Medicaid recipients. Many poor people including many seniors will be affected.

In Reference to the Cost of This Plan, I had no foresight.

However in reference to big government, there is always a danger of it getting bigger and bigger until it reaches and settles itself right into our backyards and even into our personal lives, families, friends and financial stabilities. Indeed a cause to be concerned is warranted when others, as in big government, take hold upon the very fabric of free choice, independence and freedom due to tight emotional bonds we make with our “big brother. Reconking upon ourselves the insatiable lust for the ” free hand out.” What’s next, our agricultural needs, schools, communities, churches, synagogues, and mosques?

Be watchful.

And though I take no prophetic stance on furturism, I still encourage all to watch and be careful of your choices and your choice of who’s free hand you are existing from.

I’m not asking anyone to agree or dis-agree with me. But I do request that you do the research for yourself, instead of saying “Obamacare, yippee!” At least check out the reasons why many Americans are concerned. I mean, why the concern for something that “seems” good? Shouldn’t such a concern be worth your while?

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