What is Gods Name?

Posted By Thomas Perez. August 24, 2016 at 6:20pm. Copyright 2016.

Notation: The numbers that you see are taken from ‘Strongs Concordance.’ (Heb – means the Hebrew part of the concordance). Before I begin this article, let me declare the following: The expression of pronouns and titles such as “His,” “He,” “Father,” “King,” “Daddy,” “Abba” and so forth were, and are still, used to illustrate an hierarchal order. It is merely based upon an old male patriarchy, and does not reflect who God really is: a non gender Being. One who simply exists. However, for the sake of this article, I have no other choice but to refer to such pronouns and titles due to the nature of our research into the history of Gods name as revealed by way of limited means; the means of language. So without further ado…

Let Us Begin:

1 – Heb 410 – El – The Almighty (but used of ANY deity)

2 – Heb 430 – Elohiym – Plural of 433 – Genesis 1:1 – a plurality of gods or Gods created this world.
Heb 433 – Plural of gods in the ordinary sense, but used of the Surpreme God also (as in magistrates. In other words a counsel of gods, great judges).

Now lets look at a particular name and see what we find.

3 – Heb 1943 – Hovah – means ruin and mischief. A form of 1942.
Heb 1942 – Havvah – implies coveting, FALLING, desire, ruin, calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous, naughtiness, naughty, noisome (which means a foul oder), perverse, a substance, very wicked.

4 – Heb 1961 – Hayah – means to BECOME, to be, come to pass. The same as Heb 1962. Hayah – means ruin and calamity. Just like 1942 and 1943.

5 – Heb 3068 – Yehovah (as 1st mentioned in Exodus 6:3). It also comes from 1961 – which means ruin, calamity. The self (notice the ‘Ego’) existent or eternal. The Jewish name for God. Again, I REPEAT, look at where its roots come from. It came from 1961 – which means, like we see in # 4 – to BECOME. While Heb 3069 proclaims it to be pronouced as 430 – which means a plural of gods – this is plagerism, to BECOME like God.

6 – Heb 3050 – Yahh (yaw) called Jah – most VEHEMENT. The root of the name is from 3068.

When we add all this up, the name actually means “he who became” – adding his attributes we get “he who become ruin, calamity, perverse, noisome, wicked, etc, etc.

Notice the name “FATHER” is not connected with any of these facts pertaining to THAT name (Jehovah/Yahweh). The name Father actually means El – The Almighty. That’s why Jesus called upon His name, and not the name of Jehovah, Jahweh, etc. He went to the original primitive source as in Malachi 2:10 – “Ab” – in the literal and immediate sense. The Chief. The Partrimonial Principle as found in Strongs Hebrew # 2 and 1 – as also in Isaiah 9:6. The Greek pronouces the name as “Pater” literally or fig. As remote – yet present. Also pronouced as “Abba” – Father – from the Aramaic – Mark 14:36, Rom 8:15, Galations 4:6, etc.

We must begin, or at least we should try, to understand that Father RARELY makes an apperance in the Old Testament. It is almost always the one who BECAME, the Egotiscal one, the jealous one (petty) – he who gave himself a name. Names are associated with the SELF – the ego. Ego is associated with the word “I” One should take care when reading the OT. Decipher who is really doing the speaking or/and appearing. Moreover, the word “I” is NO where to be found in the original source material as pertaining to the Hebrew and Greek word in Strongs numerical sequence. You can’t find it in ‘Vines Expository Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words’ either, etc.

BONUS: Look up the word “Image” as in “Let US make man in OUR image.” The word actually means – Phantom, an illusion, a resemblance, an idol, a vain show (shew). Phantom actually means “something fleeting.” In other words, dying already as found in Genesis 1:26. But yet we are told that death did not take place until after the “Fall” in Genesis 3


Please don’t bury your head in the sand. This actually explains gods (small “g” intended) bipolar attributes – killing, invading, rapping, etc, etc. Too much to type here. This helps us understand who this god (Jehovah/Jahweh/Jahwism) really was/is as opposed to the Surpreme God, the Almighty, our Compassionate Father Incarnated in Christ.

One thought on “What is Gods Name?

  1. Thomas are you stating that all through the years of the Old Covenant the people of God were confused about who they were in a covenant with? Or are you stating that the translators of the Old Testament in many translations got it wrong what God’s real name is? I see you do not include God incarnate Jesus in this possible mixup of who is the Father EL, Abba, Elohim. Are you also stating that the creator of the universe is too humble to have an ego? Also who do you understand Yaweh to be then & now?
    This is not an arguement against your article, just humble questions. I have never bought into the game that we must play or say the Hebrew names, I always felt uncomfortable saying them. I have always called him Father or Abba.

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