Your Sin Will Find You Out.

Posted By Thomas Perez. August 24, 2016 at 10:39pm. Copyright 2016.

Gods stamp of approval may be twofold; postionally in believers as His child, and secondly, approved in by Christ. Works done in this life consists of do’s and don’t(s). What is to be approved and what’s not to be approved.

For i.e; pornography has no place in the life of the one who calls him/herself a child of God. Random acts of sex should have no part in their lives either, or anything that instigates it; like clubs/clubbing, drinking, smoking – getting high, etc. But you may ask; “why is it sinful and/or wrong to do these things?”

Answer: In my humble opinion, I don’t think the idea of…”these things” are a sin in and of themselves. That would be silly of God, a bit petty – even though the acts of such are written in the Bible & other holy books as being sinful, and a clear indication of not being right with God.

Instead I believe it is a reflection upon ones selfish needs, always looking and lusting to satisfy the flesh which wars against the spirit. Like the Scriptures say; “we have a spiritual man and a natural man.” We all need to concentrate on the spiritual aspects of our lives. To be called worthy children of God.

Most, if not ALL, children want to be approved by their parents. When they’re not, due to loss or bad parenting; they often try to find happiness elsewhere; be it in drugs, sex, money, or anything else that will give them the approval that they are seeking.

God’s knows this and to think that He will approve such “random” acts, pass over them, or just sweep them under the carpet…well…is just plain wrong. I know I wouldn’t, as a parent, approve of my son dropping out of school, doing drugs or marrying the “town slut,” who didn’t want to mend her ways. But I will still love him unconditionally.

Let us remember, approvals and non-approvals does and can affect earthly relationships, even your relationship with God. And that wrong or unfruitful path can go on for an entire life time.

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