Can a Man Atone for Sin?

Posted By Thomas Perez. August 27, 2016 at 12:08am. Copyright 2016.


Can a man truly die for the sins of another or for the whole world? Some say “no.” They say “no” due to 5 verses of Scripture that seem to indicate such reasoning. The 5 verses they use seem to indicate that no man can die for the sins of others. Thus indicating that since Jesus was also a man, His death can not serve as a propitiational appeasement to God. Thus nullifying Jesus’ vicarious death and resurrection. With this thought in mind, let us look into the 5 verses carefully. They are as follows:

Exodus 32:30-35
Deuteronomy 24:16
Psalms 49:7
Jeremiah 31:29-30
Ezekiel 18:1-28

Did you look at them? Are the individuals that use these particular verses pulling at straws? In other words, are they taking whole verses out of its contexts? The answer to that question is, yes.

Answering the 5 Verses Above in its Entirety.

1. Exodus 32:30 – No where does the passage indicate that Moses was offering himself a sacrifice. He merely wanted to intervene by making an atonement. An atonement set forth by the sacrificial system already established before the Levitical system. Moreover, there are many instances where God accepted or would of accepted intervention; Abraham – Gen 18:23-32, 20:17-18, 24:12, Jacob – Gen 49, Moses – Ex 8:12-13, 30-31, 9:33, 10:18-19, Num 16:20-22, 21:7, Deut 33:6-17, Psa 106:23, David – II Sam 24:17, Solomon – I Kgs 8:29-53 and many others, including the prophets. Too much to type here.

2. Deut 24:16 actually contradicts Exodus 20:5 and Deut 5:9. Or does it? Answer: It doesn’t. Please plainly look at Deut 24:18. The visitation is one of rememberence and REDEMPTION. But how were they redeemed? Answer: They were declaired by God to be so, like Job and Abraham. Yet they (the Israelites) still sinned. So we still have problems here.

3. Psalms 49:7 – the answer is in verse 15 of Psalms 49. Please read it.

4. Ezekiel 18:1-28 – the answer is in verse 30-32. But how will He (God) give us a new heart & new spirit? Look at Ezek 39:17-21 – God Himself gives humanity a sacrifice. Let us keep reading…

5. Jere 31:29-30 – So simple – the answer is in the very next verse after verse 30. Verse 31 says “I will make a new covenant.” Verses 32-33 says my laws will be IN them and IN their hearts. And verse 34 is the biggie, “I will forgive & remember their sins no more.”

Now match these verses with Ezek 18:31-32, 36:26-27, Isa 53 – the whole chapter, Daniel 9:24-27, Zeph 1:7, Zech 9:9, 12:10, II Cor 3 – the whole chapter, and its confirmation in II Pet 1:18-19 & Rev 5:9-10. AND a host of many New Testament citations, the evidence is undeniable.


Various Rabbi’s, Jewish people, some Universalists, various groups, and some “love-ve dubbies” have a way of explaining away Isaiah 53. But, they certainly can not explain its redemption – for lo, (old English – “lo” intended) no animalistic sacrifices are mentioned here, except what appears to be a suffering servant – as in the Son of Man. Neither can one truly explan away the reference of such a title in Daniel 9:24-27 without a proper systematic approach. Because when one does apply a systematic approach he or she is left with the forms of redemption crying to be heard in the wilderness.

There are many ways to interpret this passage according to various eschatological theories. But I’m not talking about prophetic interpretations, I’m talking about the figure head mentioned – the Messiah – Son of Man – verse 25.

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