The Second Installment: The First Day; The Strawman

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. September 16, 2016 at 6:30pm. Copyright 2016.


1. The Strawman declares, “I see a light!”

2. Light was seen. Light and motion agreed.

3. Man created from their aforementioned Phantoms. All things have a beginning. All trying things are held together. They consist after the nothing became the something.

4. The Strawman cries, “tabula rasa!” Another strawman cries, “innastism!”

5. The Strawman understands not the unapproachable Light.

6. It is unsearchable and unfathomable. You say; “This is negation of negation.” This is tabula rasa; for no Human being has seen God.

7. Yet you perceive innastism. Born with ideas and knowledge, not a blank slate.

8. You say you have preexisting knowledge and ideas that stem from the Almighty Being, placed into your mind at birth.

9. You cry, “Universal Humanity is seen in its innate ideas!” But you seldom attend to it, often going after your Strawman and its egotistical faiths.

10. You cry, “I am a priori!” Yet you rely on your experiences, perceptions and beliefs.

11. The Strawman cries, “Am I a blank slate?” “Am I a priori?” Unapproachable Light says; “You are both.”

12. Your knowledge gained in life is foolishness, your growing blank slate reveals this.

13. All is vain.

14. You are a Phantom created in Humanities image. The image of the Strawman.

15. The horse is born and does not learn how to walk, but does. Fish are born, they do not learn how to swim, yet they do. This is innate knowledge.

16. Other animals learn how to walk, they learn how to hunt. This is tabula rasa, gaining knowledge. Yet are you not greater than these? What is Humanity that the Light should be mindful of us?

17. We are cruel and wicked. Filling our hands with blood. Filling our hearts with ignorance. Filling our minds with the ego. For we know not what you do.

18. Humanity loves the darkness rather than the Light. You love the blake slate rather than the priori because your deeds are evil.

19. Your mind is blackened toward the Light. You love your Strawman than the true Essence which is in you.

20. The Light is knowledge. The Light is a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is a glass. The glass is, as it were, a glittering Star from a blessed olive tree.

21. It is neither Eastern or Western. It draws all parables and parallels for all Humanity. It was in all creation within, everywhere. It draws all eventually.

22. Our word, work and good aspirations can be a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet. But we seldom attend to it, nor walk in its illumination.

23. Instead your illumination are the caste objects seen around about you. Your illuminations are the faces you see and the colors you see. The indifference is you.

24. That is your light. Your light is not equal, nor pure. Because you say we see, your sin remains. But if you were without sin, you would be blind.

25. Blessed are those who are blind.

26. Blessed are those who do not interpret out of claim saying, “this be our final truth!”

27. Blessed are those who interpret and claim, “Fallibility,” for they shall be honoured by all Humanity and our Om Omnilogos.

28. Blessed are those who side not on any given exegesis, for they shall obtain much knowledge.

29. Blessed are those who are open minded, for they shall receive much wisdom.

30. Blessed are those who seek the truth, for they shall obtain the crown of life.

31. Blessed are those who receive death, for they shall obtain life.

32. From nothing to life. From Life to death. From death to life. Truth destroys death. Therefore, precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of one of our Saints.

33. But who or what is the Lord? What is It? What is a name? And what is the truth, Oh Strawman? Tell me if you know.

34. Strawmen questioning always, but never satisfied. Always seeking, but never finding. Always hungry, but never filled.

35. Shall I tell you of the things which has bewildered you since the day you saw your Phantom? The Phantom of your face?

36. Shall I tell you of your ego; of your wars, of your bickerings, of your wants, of your desires, of your ignorance and of your esteemed knowledge?

37. Behold the third day approaches. The Kingdom of Light is upon you. Shall I tell you also, Oh Strawman, Oh Phantom, that Kingdom of Light is within you?

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