The Third Installment: The First Day; The Dark Cold

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. December 7, 2016 at 6:10pm. Copyright 2016.


1. What is Darkness? The Strawman answers; “Darkness is the absence of light.”

2. What is cold? The Strawman answers; “Cold is the absence of heat and energy.”

3. What is evil? The Strawman answers; “Evil is the absence of God.”

4. Yet darkness existed before the illumination and its break of day. The light was the; ‘be.’ The light was ‘the make.’ The maker is not the True Maker. The makers are counsels.

5. After this, apertures were formed. Luminous bodily elements; elements to be measured. Measure its crevice. Measure it, the hole of the serpent.

6. It is the Hiss of its whisper; of its magic, of its spell. Oh divine enchanter; learned are you from experiences, deeds and observations; as the Strawman you have created.

7. Withholding the light was the darkness; hiding the light in its grip, causing darkness to simply be; the ‘be.’ To simply make itself.

8. In and of itself are the elements of misery, sorrow, destruction, ignorance, wickedness, obscurity, and death.

9. The cold comes, taking its former state; the ‘itself,’ the ‘darkness.’ The sleep of night will over take all without descretion. Equalizing all to their former state.

10. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of all who once lived.

11. Life is precious. Life is rare. Life is short. Treasure the Spirit that accompanies it.

12. What is misery, sorrow, destruction, ignorance, wickedness, obscurity, and death?

13. Beings of non-existence are they. Clinging unto that which are the elementary principles of this age.

14. Misery cries for happiness and joy. Sorrow cries for comfort. Chaotic destruction cries for order. Ignorance cries for knowledge. Wickedness cries for righteousness. Obscurity cries to be heard. Death cries for life.

15. Therefore, Oh Strawman, blinded are you from the Truth of the matter. The matter of the serpent; the Hiss, the whisper of its magic, its spell, its illusion and its enchanting Eden.

16. The serpent prognostiates itself as it experiences its pygmalionism in illusion. You, Oh Strawman, are also of its pygmalion effect, but you do not see this.

17. Proclaiming various apocalyptic visions and foresight, when you can not live in its past or future. Your dialects are of the present and nothing more.

18. This Scripture also is of the present, and nothing more.

19. Your pygmalionism can be used for good or evil. But you use it to fulfill your own lustful deeds. Lustful deeds of righteousness done in my name.

20. What is a name? Deeds done in the name of your phantomatic forefathers.

21. Where, or what, has become of your fruit? The fruit of righteousness which you so divinely proclaim to be inspired is the inspiration of the sword, conquering unto conquering.

22. Conquering through the act of forced conversions. Conquering through fear. Conquering through guilt. Conquering through misery. Conquering through sorrow. Conquering through wickedness. Conquering through the caste. Conquering through sharia. Conquering through the pulpit. Conquering through death.

23. These are your tools; the tools of utter bondage and destruction. Striving to lay waste the Human Eternal Spirit.

24. Do you not use the ‘Being’ of misery, sorrow, destruction, ignorance, wickedness, obscurity and death to reveal what a soul is not?

25. Alienation is born. The caste system, the sinner, the saint; alienations are they that draw men away from the True Source of Eternality; the Invisible. That which can not be measured. That which you call darkness is the Invisible. That is why I can not be seen.

26. I exist. As your darkness is the absence of your light, True Light is the adundance within the darkness; therefore I exist.

27. Again, you say; “Cold is the absence of heat and energy.” But you also say; “Matter cannot be created or destroyed.” Yet the cold, as autumn leaves fall, was always there; proclaiming silence.

28. The point of the waters of space was expanded; elements were formed creating distance. The cold to be created in its absence from heated elements. Yet the cold was always there first; therefore I exist.

29. I am absent, yet Omnipresent in all; the negation and the positive, yet Invisible and Incorporeal Am I.

30. I am above your precieved truths, beauty and perceptions. An unlearned, unexperianced Truth Am I. My Being is Truth. There is no evil in Truth

31. And what of the evil that we spoke of? Shall I tell you of this plague, this pestilence that is still insistant upon your Phantom?

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