The Fifth Installment: The First Day; The Bearer

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. December 22, 2016 at 4:06am. Copyright 2016.

1. Vain is your creation and issue. The image is born, one and the same are you. Each one unique; bricks out of straws are you, Oh Phantom.

2. Phantoms; everywhere are they. They perform hearings to perception; from perception to distinction and differentiations. Evil was born from the cradle.

3. Your evil is unique. Your evil is different from mine. Born the same are we, performing the acts of evil through the seeds of righteousness and unrighteousness.

4. Who is righteous? Who is unrighteous? Stark differences are they. Your methods, Oh Strawman, are the same. Both in opposition, yet both methods are often the same. 

5. Righteousness is unrighteousness revealed. Unrighteousness is righteousness revealed. Both can not exist together.

6. Let us cancel each other out, they cry! Ego will look for its home. it will lament, it will seek out its nature and narrative.

7. A power to build, not to break. A power to be unique, not of the same Eternal Source. A power to commit acts of evil, but not able to differentiate between its own twin.

8. The twins of righteousness and unrighteousness are they. Good and evil are you, Oh Strawman! Betwixt two are you; Phantom man of ruin and calamity!

9. Evil is not seen in the darkness. Evil is seen in a light, the light that the vain image measures. Created light is about you, Oh Phantom.

10. Measured light reveals the evil, see it we do. You continue to dance to the flute of wanton self inflicted suffering and death upon yourself and neighbor. The call of its night reveals the nothing. The break of day reveals the ruin, calamity and pestilance of humanity.

11. The acts of humanity dances the dance of good and evil; ingrained are they unto its flesh. But the spirit is free. It cannot be touched!

12. The Spirit moves. The Spirit moves within the Spirit of Man; but it is the Phantom that fulfills a task. Performing righteous and unrighteous acts from a light. Tablets of stone, named deities, patriarchs, papyrus scrolls, books, kings, prophets and Saviour’s are they all.

13. The Spirit moves. The Spirit moves within the souls of men, performing acts of goodness, Justice and good faith.

14. The ego has come to deny this. The eye of the twister, throwing man about to every sailing wind of chaotic destruction! Performing acts of evil and injustice; stripping all of faith and hope, placing in its stead, the call of despair.

15. Your conscience is an oddity. Yet your conscience is also an odyssey. Growing is the conscience of Man. Stagnant is the conscience of its Phantom Image; the Strawman and its ego.

16. Evil is a child that does not grow. It does not labor. Its seeds are destruction, ruin, calamity and death! The fruit of its work is known by its tree.

17. Goodness is neither a child nor an adult, but it is likened unto one that learns. But maturity cries; let us flee from the acts of goodness. For it will taint the Kingdom of God, it’s Christ, and our innate Brahma!

18. In the Spirit Kingdom there is neither right or wrong, good or evil; a state of perfection it is, the perfection of good and evil, light and darkness, day and night, righteousness and unrghteousness are mine.

19. Mine is that of the perfect Light of Life and that of the perfect Darkness. For there is great beauty in my unmeasured Eternal Light. There is great beauty in my unmeasured Eternal Darkness. One cannot see their unrighteous deeds. It is, as if they are washed away by the Darkness, never to be seen again.

20. But the vain image cries unto it’s companions saying; there is no darkness in the Kingdom of God! But what did your father’s say? It is written in your scrolls and songs;

21. “I form the light, and create the darkness. I create peace, and create evil.” “I make the darkness, and it is the night.” “The Gunas of Prakriti perform all action. With the understanding deluded by egoism, man thinks, “I am the doer.” “I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak. From the evil of that which He created; From the evil of the darkness when it is intense, And from the evil of malignant.” “And He darkened its night and extracted its brightness.” “I was like a singer with no one to sing for, the Lord gave me a song to sing. He said, “Night and day sing my praise.” I will sing your song, Oh Lord. I will spread your word.” “I’ am pervading the universe. All objects rests on me as pearls in the thread of a garment.”

22. Do what you do best, oh ego! Do what you do best, oh vain image! Choose good or evil. Choose what is right or what is wrong. Choose according to your own growing conscience, but choose wisely. Your image is still a reflection of the Eternal Spirit of Perfection. 

23. For as you are, in mind and heart, so shall you be.

24. Do not, I beseech you, ruin Perfection. Do not ruin the Eternal Light within your Spirit. In turn, do not ruin your darkness further. The measured light shines upon it, the Spirit see’s the stains of humanity, multiplying in body and soul.

25. The Spirit of Man is Eternal.

26. The burdened soul bears it’s own yoke. The Spirit reflects the burden. The soul; borrowed onto a measured area of space and time, came into being. And thus the Spirit cries; Abba, Abba, why have you forsaken me?

27. Your soul conscience is likened unto a lower plane. It is the copy version of what is pure; the Spirit. Maintain the soul and you maintain the Spirit that reflects your soul for either it’s burdens or aspirations.

28. The acts of your burdens are revealed; acts of both, righteousness and unrighteousness, good and evil. It’s fruit bears it’s testimony for, or against you. Is your Spirit of good report?

29. The Spirit bears witness with our Spirits that we are all sons and daughters of God. All are from me, said the Eternal. All are free Spirits by the conscienceness of the Almighty Free Spirit.

30. The Spirit chooses to speak. An I, an ego, a him, a her? No! Existence is the reality of conscienceness and expansion expanding is our fruit!

31. But what of the Kingdom of Light, oh Master? You promised to tell us of the Kingdom of God. 

32. Thirsty are you for knowledge, but hypocrites are you; fearful of change. Live out your second day first until you grow into Our third day.

33. From the first day; innocence was born. Through chaotic deities and copulations, you grew into ignorance mingled with want and desire. You labored relentlessly; obtaining further the knowledge of good and evil.

34. Until the rising of the east; that second day, multiplied by a thousand times in various forms and fashions did the ‘It’ became the ‘I.’ The ‘I’ revealed, what became known as the inner self; becoming a ‘My;’ bearing the soul burden;

35. And taking back the Spirit that was rightfully mine and measuring it’s soul and conscience against the Spirit of Man. Thus my Spirit was poured out like dust back into the darkness of death.

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