The Eighth Installment: The First Day; Prakriti

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. December 25, 2016 at 4:12am. Copyright 2016.


1. The darkness of death; an invader of our hope and light; encompassing around us it does, forming the nothing.

2. The nothing forms the question. And what is that question my child? The question is this; where did the nothing spring from if not from the Life in and of itself.

3. The non-living onto life, the life unto death, then onto life again. It is written; “just as a man discards worn out clothes and put on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and wears new ones.”

4. New Jiva’s are you. Your elemental self, your Phantom Image it is. Your mind, breath, ego and intelligence; made from the subtle bodily Image of your Linga Sarina are they.

5. The Phantom cries; let us hold onto our memories, knowledge, desires, attachments and diversity of separation, yet is it not also written; that “the dead remember nothing?” The nothing encompasses you even during death.

6. Your blank slate becomes your Guna; your thread, the cord of each particular life are they. Yes, from the cradle are they.

7. Your Sattva cries for goodness, universalism, peace, virtue, light, and the Divine. Your Rajas cries for passion, individualism, justice, confusion; it is neither good or bad. Your Tamas cries for chaos, lust, impurities, apathy, violence and darkness.

8. Yet present in your Phantom Image are all of them. Choose you this day who you will allow to be served;

9. But everyone like sheep have followed after their own Tamas; as it is written; “all we like sheep have gone astray. Everyone has turned onto his own way.”

10. But onto us a Child is born. Unto us Sons are given who did subdue, and will continually perform against the Rajas and the Tamas; onto which we shall attain and transform eventually.

11. As it is written; “all shall be made alive, but every man in his own order.” Oh Phantom Image attend onto that which is good, the small mustard seed of which can move mountains.

12. Plant the vineyard of brotherhood. Do not let your good seed fall on the wayside or on the thorny ground. Good, no matter how small it is; even to the size of an atom, can plant seeds of Sattva; if you would only allow it to my child;

13. Onto which comes your transformation, the Kingdom of God that you so yearn for. Modify your personal Prakriti, and you thus modify your current state of being by transforming and renewing your mind.

14. But the Phantom Image cries; how can one renew his Prakriti? And I will answer, I have already declared it through my Holy Spirit;

15. As it is written; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance; of the Eternal Spirit are they.

16. But for every fruit there is a counter part. That is the essense of temptation.

17. Hate, sorrow, war, anger, hardened hearts, evil, doubt, pride, fleshly excessive indulgences; of the flesh and Tamas are they.

18. Come, my child let us remember Purusha; the Supreme Eternal Reality, the Eternal Brahma, the Om Omnilogos you call Father by male descriptions. Who created the counsel of gods, the devas, the devil’s, the jinns, the demiurge, the angels; all are they from Me, the source of all Eternal Energies, movement and non-movement. The nothing, yet the something.

19. Taking it upon themselves, they too acted upon their own Rajas, creating the world out of the nothing. Expanding My Spirit into the something did they work the work. Speaking by my Personal Logos, I also spoke, keeping order by which all things consist.

20. Creating your Asambhuti, the destruction that befalls you into the Asambhuti of non-existence; an endless cycle of ruin and calamity. Out of the ruin and calamity came the Sambhuti; crying, be born, grow, increase to suitability, produce;

21. Beholding everything created; they called it, good.

22. Sattva was thus born. Your principle of truth, reality and deity. The totality of your worldly wisdoms are they.

23. “Oh Lord lead me from the unreal to the real. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality. May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace!”

24. Yes, the dead remember nothing as the psalmist has said. But it is also written; “He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding.”

25. From godly wisdom one attains the good. As it is written; “one attains good bodily conduct, verbal conduct, and mental conduct from wisdom.” Carnal wisdom, though full of pleasures are they, give forth fruit onto bad circumstances and pitfalls. Often difficult are they to climb out of.

26. Seek good wisdom while it can be found in this age. A wisdom to be measured against your soul as a testimony for your Spirit to declare at your rising.

27. Speak it’s name, if you can. Oh man of the worldly mind and of sort, do you recognize it? You will not see it or recognize it until you have learned to cry; I cannot see!

28. In many a time, I have come unto the Sons and Daughters of the Phantom Image. Taking upon my Spirit various fleshly forms, bodies, words, laws, avators and incarnations;

29. But the ego kidnaps what it can take by perception and differentiation; citing, I’m right, you are wrong, I have truth, you have error, I’am the saint, you are the sinner, I’am the chosen, you are the unchosen.

30. For I have wheeled my will to the Spirit unto salvation; therefore the Spirit comes into my heart upon a sinners prayer. Upon an act, a work of faith.

31. Woe unto you, oh foolish Phantom Image! You are not called by the will of the flesh. Who can bend the bow of God? Who can say, I see God? As it is written, “no man has seen God at anytime except that which came down from God.” Name them if you can! Name the names that causes strife’s and divisions within your very fabric. “He that sits in the Heavens shall laugh!”

32. I’m sure many a blessed names can, and do come to mind. Oh vain Phantom Image, ever so prideful in your own choice wills and selections; always asserting are you, citing; I see, I have my light, I see my truth!

33. It is your truth Oh Phantom, not mine! But many cry onto Me saying; I have the way, the truth and the life; I can only come to You through Him.

34. Oh foolish Phantom that you are; Am I not Omni? Am I not Om? Lo, I’am everywhere, I’am not an only, I’am not a path, I’am not a narrow road; I fill the Heavens and earth. The earth is my footstool. I can crush every only, path, and narrow road.

35. Yet you still claim the error that is your ego; the ego of preferences, the right over might, the might over right, belief over disbelief, disbelief over belief, as if they had the final say over all things when you yourself cry; God is Love!

36. Indeed you cry; God is Love; from your comparisons you do. Love became your scapegoat due to want and desire. Therefore, I sent you forms, fashions, laws, avators, and incarnations. How many times must Logos speak unto you for you to understand, for you to see beyond what is seen?

37. Logos has expressed its loveliness. It has expressed it’s love a hundred-fold, yet you still see! You must unsee to see my Logos; for it cannot be seen. As it is written; “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” 

38. But because you say you see, your error remains. The Spirit intercedes in this, asking for help. Asking for the Eternal Light does your soul then expand its light and is seen through Sattva revealed in measured space and time of what sort it is; 

39. Thus becoming the way, the truth, and the life because it was, is, and shall be forevermore! Blessed are you, oh Om, my Omnilogos! A rare find of treasured pearls are you oh avatar of Man, oh incarnation of God! I will sing your praise!

40 Oh my son of man, oh my Sons and Daughters of God, break down the walls of solidarity, isolation and distinctions of faith, and build upon my Omnilogos. Build upon the work I have performed; the Ancient of Days are they.

41. Ancient are they, but tainted have they all become. A stain onto My Name. A stain onto No Name. A stain onto your testimony; your spirit. A stain onto my Logos.

42. Free the Logos, free the Christ! Clean it oh Spirit of Man! Do that which is proper and you will live in peace; with goodwill to all men; in harmony, love and brotherhood! In so doing, you get closer to the source and nature of my Love, thus saving your soul from heavy monetary burden and self alienations.

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