The Seventh Installment: The First Day: The Twenty Four

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. February 27, 2017 at 9:49am. Copyright 2017.


1. Fashioned are the eyes in twelve months, seeing twelve inches before you; focusing on your twenty four decents. A light for appearance are they, innumerable are they also.

2. Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send Myself forth. For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil, and for the establishment of righteousness, I come into Being age after age.

3. I, at different times and in different manners, spoke in time past onto your Phantoms through My Son, your Sons, by whom all life is made possible by His Word, the Logos. I am the Om Omnilogos, the Almighty, the giver of Avatars, Incarnations, Manifestations and of the Royal House;

4. Some say I gave twenty four; Matsya, Kurma, Narayana, Mohini, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Brahma, Shiva, Jaland hara, Vishnu, Shesh, Arihant Dev, Manu Raja, Dhanvantari, Suraja, Chandara, Rama, Balarama, Krishna, Nara, Buddha, Kalki.

5. Other Phantoms cry, “four;” Mohotkata, Mayuresuara, Gajanana, Dhumraketu.

6. Still other Phantoms cry, “eight;” Vakratunda, Ekadanta, Mahodara, Gajavaktra, Lambodara, Vikata, Vighnaraja, Dhumravarna.

7. Many cry, “seven,” Valmiki, Kashyapa, Sukra, Bachesa, Vyasa, Khata Rishi, Kalidasa; while still others cry, “twenty eight.”

8. Many are the Phantoms that cry, “There is only the one, the one way!” Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and the spiritual decendants of that family are they. Foolish waring families, offshoots of your semen are they;

9. Citing, “One God, one Saviour, one Son, one Prophet, one faith,” denying all others, citing; “He is our Son!” What is His Name? His name is unknown but to Himself, dipped in blood, the blood of your creed. Others cry, “I have no Son!”

10. The inception of your world; primitive in thoughts, primitive in your Logos were you; yet the rising of the Sun did break forth as revealed in my own issue, the issue of my Son through My Almighty Spirit. The Spirit did spit the Son. The Son is the Spirit and the Spirit is the Son; the Eternal Logos, the Om Omnilogos.

11. “Give forth gifts,” they say, twenty four Kohanic gifts. What are your sacrifices and gifts to Me says the Om Omnilogos. Do not think you can obtain favor by perishable gifts. The gift I require is the benelovent tending of all Human beings. In so doing, you’ve done it into Me.

12. See beyond what is observable and what is revealed in your oral traditions and Scriptures. Look after the welfare of all Humanity. Do not commit acts of differentiations. Do you seek to be found? Look, I have found you, and you are wanting. Man against Man. Faith against Faith. God against God.

13. Like an eagle I sour the heavens and the Earth into the landing site of my sacred pilgrimages; achieving My goals in motion, space and time. The embodiment of deity Am I.

14. From the unconditional, you have made Me the conditional. From the infinite, you have made Me finite, and thus I suffer constantly. Why do you make Me suffer constantly, Oh Phantom?

15. Release Me from your boundaries, from your prejudices, from your Karma’s. Release Me from the many abuses that are heaped upon Me through differentiations, creeds and caste systems.

16. The abstract Nirguna am I. Transcendent in form; yet am I not the Author and Finisher of all Faiths? Can I, or can I not, be of many faiths? Or Am I captive to only one faith? Did you capture Me? Can you capture Me?

17. Faith is in your heart. It is in your mind. Therefore, Oh flesh of Man, bring forth your eternal Spirit breath and logos unto Me, for refinement; for it has been bruised by your iniquities and hate for one another long enough.

18. Do I not fill the lungs of all Humanity with the breath of life? Yet, many seek to sniff it out. Do I not speak in the minds of all people a word? Yet many cry; “Blasphemy, Heresy;” to the death with them; by way of burning and stoning.

19. Bring forth what is submerged within you, allow Me to shine the way I intended My Light to shine. Allow me to be transformed in thought form; unknowing, yet known by all Humanity. One Om Omnilogos am I; yet many faces, many sites, many temples, many tongues, many dialects, and many manifestations am I.

20. Do not put the Om to the test, asking; “which face, which way?” I am not a respector of persons or a respector of individualism. You breathe one air, My Spirit, do you not? A lung is a lung, is it not?

21. One Om Omnilogos am I. Synergistic are all things. Do I not fill the cosmos? Am I not within and without the cosmos? Am I not revealed in all virtues? Do you not attach My Name onto your many virtues? Oh Phantom, virtues are within you already for the taking; ninety eight in all;

22. Virtues tied to what became known as the choice, the freewill of all flesh. Attain instead onto My Will, My Freedom, the Freedom of the Nothing, yet the Something.

23. Unbound and uncaptive is the Will of my Nothing, yet the Something; My own thoughts, actions, even onto those that know Me are they. “Oh, Om Omnilogos,” I break the chain of my own will. Amen.

24. Freedom is not virtue, it is a gift. Do not abuse her when she comes; calling upon the high mountains, upon the temples. The will, calling within the body; the Phantom is born into its own perception of freedom; a tainted freedom to hide its open shame;

25. The shame of your ancestors, the shame of your darkness; the darkness before the rising of your words; the shame of your mighty lights, your sons, your rigid religions of might over right, and right over might. Choose, if you can, with a clear conscience.

26. Always aspiring for the something, the after life, the virgins, the Kingdom, the Heaven of heavens, Nirvana, instead of My Nothing. Nothing is the absence of something says the Om Omnilogos, therefore, do not compete for nothing. All do, and will, attain into Me. I continue to exist.

27. I exist, I created the Nothing, then the Something out of the nothing; the abstract, virtues they are inhabiting the children of Humanity, the children of My Spirit. Virtues are My children. Choose what is beneficial to all Humanity; in so doing, you take care of a good many souls and therefore show Me My Face; your testimony. The testimony of ninty eight virtues.

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