The Eleventh Installment: The First Day; Thorns

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. March 8, 2017 at 1:55am. Copyright 2017.

1. Praise be to the All pervasive Divine Om Omnilogos. Go, think upon this and focus your twenty four upon it.

2. Inert was I until fully consecrated. Incurring the rite of passage through Phantomatic Karma’s, I did suffer injury. Consecrated only for a duration of time and worship through empowerment; your abhisheka, your Murti.

3. Abhisheka Am I until you cry, “Blessed is the Name of the True Om Omnilogos.”

4. Perform the arati, the puja and the yagya. Yes, continue your supplications, mantras and gifts. But do not make fat the ghee which is become a burden onto Me since the days of your flood; your panchamrita. Do not identify the Om Omnilogos with that which can not speak; your thoughts and speeches am I;

5. Be One with them; One speech, One Mind, One Logos. Become the Logos. Sanctify yourselves and unify your Minds into One collective Being. In so doing, become the One Thought of love and True Purity for All.

6. But lo, red is the color of many waters; the rose, a sweet smelling incense onto Me has become a vile oder to My nostrils and house. Your tabernacles and your Holy of holies has become an offense of division onto Me.

7. Salats offered onto Me five times a day, crying; “Face the Qibla” and receive favor from your Lord. Favor is not gained through bloodshed, divisions and family quarrels, but from a broken and contrite heart; the heart of who you are, not what the ego or the Strawman of divisions deem worthy of humility.

8. Empowerment, transmission and Ngo Sprod are not the true attributes of My Source, your mind. But it is the nature of your Guru, not of the True Om Omnilogos.

9. “Give me the empowerment of the illumination,” they cry! Phantoms crying, “Vajrayana, Vajrayana!” Rooted in Scriptural tantras are they; looming weaves attaining onto an enlightenment, but not onto its whole;

10. For it is the sum part of your instructor. “Complete the the four purities,” they cry. Through the tantric; be the Mandala of your own deity, be the purity of body they say; the body of deity. Be transformed into offerings to the deity. Do the deeds worthy of deification.

11. Yes, be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable Will of Om Omnilogos.

12. But blessed is the man whose tantra is limited. For they choose not to redeem the time allotted onto themselves to obtain the enlightenment, but are themselves chosing to create compassion and happiness for others quickly.

13. Melt your names and forms into My Mahakala; who is My possession. Absorb them into oblivion; in so doing your fruit will shine beyond time and death, in this life and in the life to come.

14. Add onto My Amitabha, who is My possession, good deeds. Add onto your faith, hope. Onto hope, love. Onto love, charity, benelovence and unity; the Unity of the Om Omnilogos.

15. Seek your Paradise. Seek your Svarga. Seek your Pure Land. Seek your Qingtu. Seek your Jannah. Seek that Kingdom; yes. But seek it all through the One Mind, the communication of Spirit and Speech; the source of your True Salvation. Brothers and sisters are we all.

16. Seek it by any means necessary. Seek it through the spider’s web. Do not defile it. For the love of All creation, seek it with a pure heart.

17. Many are the seekers of the three Vajras; body, speech and mind. The three bodies of trikaya; the three mysteries.

18. Oh vain image, how can one attain the pharmakaya? How can one attain the sambhogakaya? Trapped are you in your created body; your nirmanakaya, breathing the one air element; the breath of the lung is your existence.

19. Your Sakya, Nyingma, Kagyu, and Gelug are all equal to Me say the Om Omnilogos; breathing My breath. Vain contentions are they, forming divisions, methods and interpretations.

20. It is written in many Scriptures; “Do not interpretations belong to God?” “No prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation.” “Do not follow that which you do not have sure knowledge. Surely the ears, the eyes, and the heart – all of these will be questioned.”

21. Destroy the ego of your many divisions and Scriptural citations, but keep steadfast unto Scripture that is beneficial to your ability to perform the Om Omnilogos, the Almighty communicative Speech of the One Mind.

22. Yet many cry; “Yidams, Yidams!”

23. Cut through the ego. Perform the chod, and my Transcendent Prajnaparamita. In so doing, I will perform Vajarapani; even onto the wheels of time, even upon the ages upon ages.

24. Behold Yamantaka; My possession, the Lord over death, the Conqueror that sits upon the white ox performs your cycle when your wrath against the ego has been subdued in your heart and mind. Wrathful deities are they; leading to enlightenment.

25. From enlightenment onto death, Vajrayogini is your hope. Can this hope achieve True Liberation?

26. Tara, the mother of liberation, hears the testimony of your virtues, works and achievements. She too cites, as the Saviour did; “By their fruits you shall know them.” Bring forth fruit worthy of repentance as a testimonial to your Spirit. They shall speak the Om Omnilogos or they will speak the ego.

27. Pray therefore to be pure of heart, mind and speech. Utter and speak purity upon your daily actions; your Niklakantha. Therefore sing forth it’s praises. In so doing, you sing of My Om Omnilogos.

28. Others serve Bread and Wine; consecrated onto Me they are, but never achieving its True meaning. Words that dictate change onto Me. Do I change? Do I decend upon varying interpretations? Do I decend upon elementary substances? Do I decend upon the Murti? Do I decend upon the Host?

29. Many cry; “Yes, I decend upon the Host.” Others cry; “Yes, I decend upon the Murti.” While still others cry; “decend upon my interpretations!” They all cry; “transference!” Others cry; “symbols,” “symbols!”

30. Worshipping forms are they; shadows are they, but not of the One Mind, the One Speech; the Om Omnilogos, the Beginning and the End. But lo, I have no Beginning and no end;

31. Your beginnings and endings Am I. For I’ am with you, and in you, until the end of this age. Breathing in this age am I upon the circle of the earth. I’ am the Hope of All. I represent All.

32. Remember me when You die oh Om Omnilogos, Amen! I tell you with much certainty, you will be with me in My Mind, My Conscience, My Toughts and therefore your own Spirit; My breath. The Spirit of Man is Eternal, it can not be touched by death. All things come back into Me. I live forevermore.

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