The Tenth Installment: The First Day; The Counted Yoke

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. March 23, 2017 at 10pm. Copyright 2017.

1. Behold and sing unto the mountain tops, hills and plains; nullified is the Yoke of burden. Carrying it is not required of the Om Omnilogos! Praise be unto Our One Om, Our One Spirit! Amen.

2. You have heard it said, “take up the cause,” “take up the Yoke,” but Om Omnilogos asks, can you attain unto it, to share it with others? No. Tell it to all if you can. Tell it to the rich, the poor, the lower caste, the upper caste; let them too share in the yoke.

3. Tell them you can take up the cause and follow after them equally. But conditional equalities follow. Springing from the ego, contradictions serving it’s exclusiveness will always usurp it’s authority, it’s individualism.

4. Yet, it served its purpose; attractive creativity. Oh how wonderful creativity is! But how diverse in motivation toward others outside of you, outside of the “I” the ego.

5. You have your own, they have their own. You want more, they want more. All demanding; citing, “supply and demand.” How can you, oh Strawman, ever have it’s full when demand cries in the pitted bowls of Mans fears; the fear of need and constant want to be satisfied. “Satisfy the ego with supplies,” they cry!

6. It has run its course. The ego must set down its sword. Ego is tired. Soon Pisces will run its course, exhaust it’s supply; demand will became an even greater burden. It becomes the bearer, the bearer will be you. The contradiction of the true self, which comes from the ego.

7. Contradictions which came from the ego are, and were, essential for growth and independence, creating attractive independent creativities; demanding worship in different fashions; causing the many joys celebrated, worshipped and adored in the ego of many faiths; many divisions of strife are they also.

8. Oh Om Omnilogos, Our Creative Giver of All, create in us instead a thirst, a hunger, a longing for that which attains onto the Spirit of Unity, the Oneness of Conscience and Spirit synergism; Our Spirit, for it is Humanities breath and it is the tongue of their communications.

9. Redirect Our attention to stillness and compassion. A returning. But to return, one should create, help others be creative for the Whole, not the sum of its parts My Child. Seek, cultivate and teach.

10. Blessed is the Man, Woman, and Child that receives the letter; the letter of divine education, surpassing the knowledge, worldly wisdom and flesh of the Strawman; facts, information, and provisitional knowledge are they; striving for personalization, rather than the body of Christ and it’s Incarnations;

11. The betterment of All Humanity are they. Amen.

12. Think upon this My Children, but remember, creative thinking, the cause of problem formulations are they, rather than problem solving formations.

13. Your schooling of the humanities are not One with the Om Omnilogos – My Mind, it is yours. Placed there into your midst are they to enhance the ego of need, ignorance and want; it is the place where problems are always formulated for you, but never solved, an endless cycle of life, taxes and death;

14. Thus destroying your creative Oneness to think out of the Phantoms box, political and religious ideological formations are they. Om, self sustaining is the One Mind. Communicate the Mind by Your inner Om; speak with Om Omnilogos; everywhere, to everyone;

15. And by doing so, break the counting numbers of Man. Trace it’s beginnings if you can, for it was given onto you at birth. Onto all Humanity, even in times past. “Keep count, keep count,” they cry onto all the nations.

16. “Why do the nations so furiously rage” against the Omnilogos the Anointed One, the offspring? Counted not among the Phantoms of Men was the Christ. For unto Egypt did He go. “Out of Egypt have I called My Son.”

17. Avoiding the certificate of the Strawman and it’s censenus, the Christ was indeed born in this earthly domain, spared from the slaughter of the innocents; carried into Egypt, then settling into the region of Galilee did He.

18. Autonomous remained Galilee and her surroundings as the historian records. Settling in Narareth; growing strong in wisdom and godliness; knowing His call; 

19. Thereby, becoming not the property of the state by the counting of numbers; the Anointed remained independent, free to walk, free to speak, communicate, heal and show Men the way; unrestricted in all things except in odediance to His Father, Our Father; Our Om Omnilogos;

20. One with the Father in substance and the very nature of Deity Incarnate, the Omnilogos, speaking the Logos in a restricted space of time to the people of the Mosaic Covenant, yet Our Om Omnilogos is He, even to the Gentiles; Even unto Me, a shell, a Phantom, as image.

21. Yet the Strawman cries; “He is stateless, therefore He dd not exist, there is no record of Him!” Oh foolish Strawman that you are, do you not know of the millions that are born onto the Sons of Men that have no state, lacking formal recognition of their very existence?

22. Growth is their way of understanding, their way of belonging; it is who they are. Do they not think? Are they prohibited from forming the thought; “I’ am a thing that thinks, therefore I exist?”

23. But you, oh Strawman, deny them this. Denying civil rights; the pursuit of liberty, justice, mercy, good faith for All! Foolish are you to seek these things through regestations, taxes, gold, silver, paper, and numbers! Perishable trinkets are they.

23. But they will ask the Almighty Spirit Om questions, and make riddicule of the One Mind, the One Collective Om, saying; “You, who will not take land, providence, Man, Woman or Child by force, how can you govern 7.5 billion individuals by, and through, One Command of thought, physically or spiritually free us of the yoke and count?”

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