The One Hundred and Thirty Second Installment: The Second Day; The Pitcher

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. October 2, 2017 at 1:33am. Copyright 2017.

1. Crush the head of the Serpent! Do not let it foster on that seven hilled city. Cursed are those who call themselves fathers. Do you not know that you are merely sons and daughters of Humanity?

2. Sons of God are you. As it is written, “I have called you gods.”

3. By what authority do you claim divine omnipotence! Vain are your successions! Vain are your concubines. Vain are all who seek the numbers of Men. Vain are all who seek Me through institutions; “Do or Perish,” “Accept or Burn,” they cry.

4. Empty are the teachings of eternal tormented justices without remedial justifications. As it written; “My anger is but for a season.”

5. I will crush the mouth of him that utter great words of submission, fear and conquest! Onto your prophet, Oh children of Ishmael, I will wreak havoc upon your temples. The incircling shall cease! The black cube will become a desolation! 

6. Upon the people of the book shall I gather My Counsels against you! Oh children of Isaac, your hands are stained with the blood of My Son. Your fig tree is but for a season. After it’s completed construction, laid to desolation shall it become.

7. The blood of Humanity cries out for justice. The alter of spilled blood cries to be avenged. Mighty and compassionate are the deeds of Om Omnilogos! 

8. Upon all the sons of God, I will destroy their pride and haughty individualism; all nations and institutions shall quake. They will fear and come onto Me in broken pieces;

9. Broken pieces are they from their religious bickerings. Like a thundering rock thrown into the sea, I cast the One to become thousands upon thousands; greater than the unknown numbers of sand grains upon the seashore;

10. My children, build yourself into the One.

11. The Rock has become the One. The One has taken refudge in the pebbles of many buried in the seas of diversity and darkness.

12. Not one Phantom will escape! No, I know not any. No prayer, no sack cloth; be it fastings, alms, or a calling to the fight, will save you from My Face;

13. I will reveal My Face; My One Om Omnilogos for all. When Justice proper has run its cause of wars and desolations;

14. When materialism, wants and desires are overflowing in your mouth, like vomit from the gut; when Aquarius has ended the age of Pisces, with the age of Kali and the words of the one sitting under the tree is no more;

15. And the life span has decreased, then I will do what I have set out to do since the inception of Humanity; expansion onto life shall be its nature; your eternality is accomished! 

16. My Om Omnilogos will cut through the rainbow, forever smatching into pieces what has already been scattered since the Babel;

17. All pebbles will be gathered onto Me forming the rock, the many will become the One above the Stone that many builders rejected; the stone of many avatars and incarnations.

18. Sanctify the temple; your bodies. Make ready yourselves, Oh children of Men. For you have received such wonderful gifts and salvations from many. Many are the One; the Om Omnilogos!

19. Behold Aquarius is rising. Empty your water pitchers into that which will be no more. Saved are all already, but ignorant of it are you; clinging onto Pisces, the age of the sword:

20. Religious institutions are they, serving their kind, serving the beliefs of many waters. Bowing down to vain idols, creeds, doctrines, seperations and alienations. 

21. In defense of the all and in all are they. Their days are numbered with the rising of the new day; that third day. The third day of our reservation revealed. A reservation reserved until the day of glory and hope.

22. Therefore; brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of all Humanity, redeem the time. Save Humanity! In so doing, you save yourselves and usher in My new day Sun! Your reservation, your royal banquet, your marriage feast!

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