Things and Personal Relationships: How to Handle the “Want” of It All

Written By Thomas Perez. December 11, 2017 at 6:08pm.

“Surely, this is the best of all possible worlds.”

The philosophy of the early modern philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 – 1716) in his thesis propositioned that the existing world is the best world that God could have created. However, some critized his thesis, namely Voltaire. Voltaire’s Candide (1759) was a satirical rejection of Leibniz’s optimistic view of the world. And I must agree with him, though not to the extent of a denial of a Surpreme Being, but only to it’s fundamental aspects of argumentation. Voltaire’s problem was that of debunking the God of fundamentalism, rather than looking at the bigger picture of other beliefs and practices with regard to this One Being, Almighty Father, Brahama, Essence, Mind, Word and Wisdom – humanities Logos – the Christ. But why create a world of “want” as the title of this article reads?

Question: What can we do when we “want” something or someone that we know we can not keep, have, or even borrow 100 percent of the time for ourselves?

This is not an easy question to answer. However, I can give you the short answer to this dilemma, which is; “sometimes these things have a way of working themselves out, without any interference from others, or any so-called predictable articles, so be patient.” “Take it one day at a time.” Or, I can always cop-out by either declaring; “be patient and pray about it” and/or “I’ll pray for you.” But in my humble opinion, that’s easier said than done. I do not think that the answer to a dilemma lies within such easily assessable passageways, otherwise we wouldn’t have the consistancy to “desire” to begin with.

For example, hypothetically speaking, androids – with or without emotional capabilities – do not eat food, humans do. However, a human can enjoy the pleasures of food and taste. But an android will not die from starvation. In your opinion, which would you rather be? Personally, hunger hurts. It is no joke. It is a desire. It can lead to crime, thieft, murders and even wars between communities. No, I believe the crux of our problems and ills are due to what is found in the question itself above; the need for “want.” A difficult craving because it is not an emotion or something that is good, righteous, bad or unrighteous; just or sinful. It is a desire. A desire for that “thing” or “person.”

I think Charles Dickens said it best when he said in that magnificent piece of writing called ‘A Christmas Carol,’ in reference to the Ghost/Spirit of Christmas Present. Nearing the end of his visitation with Scrooge, Scrooge asked the Spirit; “what are those “things” protruding out from under your garment?” “Is it a “thing” or a “person?” “Are they yours?” The Spirit answered and said; “they are man’s, they cling to me for protection from their fetters.” “This girl is ignorance, this boy is “want.” “Beware of them both, but most of all beware of this boy.”

With that said, “want” can be a difficult thing to overcome. Not because it is wrong to “want” but because “want” may not always serve a good purpose. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that “want” can not be made to serve us happily ever after; like in the case of wanting to have a husband and mate, with the ultimate goal of having beautiful children. It is there that “want” is fulfilled gracefully, without confusion. Or, “want” can be wanting something simple, like eating – the desire to eat. We can eat a pizza to satisfy the “want” (desire – there’s that word again) of hunger. Or we can choose to eat something healthier to satisfy the “want” – hunger crave, which in turn will give you better results physically. And like the picture, we can either choose something with syrup or something healthy, like an orange for breakfast. We can even compromise between the two. But if we compromise, we do not attain to that “100 percent” questioned above. But if a good decision is made, then that particular “want” can be turned into something positive – a healthier body, etc.

But while humanity multiples, so does the ever incessant desire of “want.” For it is in our, “Be fruitful and multiply,” way of life that “want” is given a license to create and multiply again; to be selfish, destroy, and eventually cause death itself. For it was “want” that led to humanities downfall, becoming enhanced by, and through, the ego. The “want” of “things” and “people” (relationships) and even hunger is multiplied over and over again. It is done through the process of procreation.

I believe this is why fasting is considered a critical aspect to our spiritual growth and developmental stages of our character and psyche. It is even influencial in our decision making and the overall health of our bodies. This is the reason why fasting is looked upon in various religious writings as an excercise worth practicing. It clears the mind of indecisiveness and confusion. But alas, fasting can also be used as a tool to draw “want” (or evil) upon you. This is why Jesus was tempted while He was in the middle of His fast. For it was then that His “want” became even greater. But His fast, coupled with some good ol’ in your face Old Testament verses and His own Word/Logos, that He was able to overcome the need to satisfy the “want,” but not necessarily it’s incessant presence. For it is written that He “became hungry.” So “want” was there, even in our Saviour.

You see, what I’ am trying to say is that “want” is to blame. For it is the cause of many things; good and bad, thus causing happiness or sadness, courage, fear, and even challenges. With that said, obviously, we must use our abilities of choice to make the right decisions concerning the suitable eventual happiness of “want.” But oftentimes “want” has made the decision for us already. “Want” is a desire, and desires turn into emotion. And in my opinion, that is when choice becomes difficult.

“Want” was present in the Garden (allegorically speaking). Our spirits were caught and captured, bound in this flesh. We are even born crying and “wanting” and thus desiring. From the womb to the cradle, we are “wanting” creatures of sort. For we had no real choice in the matter, due to this captivity of flesh, fashioned by, as seen by many ancient cultures, the gods of the heavenly realms. Or, fashioned by the one god – Yahweh, as seen by ancient and modern day Abrahamic monotheistic religions. There are even distinctions in the Abrahamic faith’s regarding gods and the Almighty God.

Moreover, when we make comparisons, there seems to be a distinction between the so-called one god – Yahweh, and the Almighty Abba (EL – Father). In my opinion, there is a difference between the two. One must look deeper into the Abrahmic faith’s to realize this. The ancient Gnotics often saw this and thus questioned the god (small “g” intended) of the Old Testament and assciated the creation of all what we see, taste, touch, smell, feel and “want” with this malevolent god. A god who is the god of both; good and evil. Even Isaiah declares this.

But we are side-tracking. I do not want to lose our frame of thought. However, I do make reference of the differiations between the two; the Almighty and the god of this emperical creation – though not necessarily all creation, as in the spiritual realm, in various article blogs located on this site. Moreover, there are other notable websites and published books that also make reference to it. But let us all remember, everything stems from the Father of Heights, the Almighty. But again, let us not lose our train of thought. Let us continue our discussion on “want.”

With reference to “want” the best thing to do is to exercise your power of choice once again and show “want” who’s the boss. Are you the boss, or is “want” the boss of your life? Are you the boss, or are your desires the boss of your life? Are you the boss, or are your emotions the boss of your life? Remember, it is a natural thing to “want” and “desire.” But like I said, “wants” and “desires” are neither good or bad. “Wants” result often in desires and vice versa. They are by products of one another. Thus then, our choices are based upon our physical and emotional “wants” and “desires” (needs). They cling onto our choices. So please, whatever you do, make the proper choice. Fight for it in a peaceful manner or let the “want” subside and go away. Or like I said, let it “work themselves out” with you or without you in that “thing” or “persons” life. Therefore meditate on these things, the things that ail you. Fast if necessary. And by all means, take control of your decision making and don’t let it, your will, (decision making) become a pawn or child of “want.”

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