The New National ID Card: An Orwellian Cause For Alarm?

Written By Thomas Perez. January 23, 2018 at 6:17PM.

“Not For Federal Purposes.” Exactly what do they mean by that? Or more precisely, what do I mean by starting a paragraph with such a quotation? I’ am sure that many of you have recently applied for a driver’s license or a non-driver’s ID and were given a pamphlet with your temporary license or non-drivers ID, and read the quotation above. Obviously, we can still obtain a standard driver license but it will be marked “Not For Federal Purposes.”

However, cards that show a star on the upper right hand corner will be considered a Real ID. Beginning October 1, 2020 anyone with a standard license or non-driver ID will be required to show additional identification to, for example, board a flight within the U.S. or enter into a federal building, Etc. Obviously, the present writing of this article is January 23, 2018; and the “Real ID” Card has not been implemented as mandatory yet. Although one can apply for it now in NYS. Such early applications are also available in other states. According to a Newsweek article, after a 13 year delay, the Trump Administration enforces new identification cards to combat terrorism.”

Flash Back: The Real ID Card

The bill for a Real ID Card was first presented in 2005, under Pub. L. 109-13, 119 Stat. 302. It is a “modification act,” with justifications under various umbrella terms, such as; security, authentication, and identity. Authenticities of such would entail new government standard procedures of issuance of driver’s licenses, non-driver ID’s, and identity documents. The aim of the Real ID Card is to curtail various illegal immigration issues and issues pertaining to terrorism.

Exposing the Real ID Card

The Real ID Act implements the following:

1. Title II of the act establishes new federal standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards.

2. Changing visa limits for temporary workers, nurses, and Australian citizens.

3. Funding some reports and pilot projects related to border security.

4. Introducing rules covering “delivery bonds” (similar to bail, but for aliens who have been released pending hearings).

5. Updating and tightening the laws on application for asylum and deportation of aliens for terrorism.

6. Waiving laws that interfere with construction of physical barriers at the borders.

Thus far the 1st phase has been implemented – on issuances.

Fast Forward: Welcome to the National ID Card.

Ok, so we went from a Real ID Card to a National ID Card. Really? When did that happen? And what’s the difference, if there is any? It, in all likelihood, didn’t really happen, it may all be the same thing. Or at least it will be the same – in that it is highly probable that once you have a Real ID Card, it may be used for national purposes under updated biometric implementations – meaning, you are now scanned, tracked and marked. When did such a proposed biometric bill this take place, you may ask? The bill 4760 was first introduced by Rep. Bob Goodlatte on January 10, 2018

The Bill is Presented to the Following:

“The Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committees on Education and the Workforce, Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, Ways and Means, Armed Services, Oversight and Government Reform, Agriculture, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Natural Resources, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.” (Bill/4760/Text).

A substantially large field of federal control, wouldn’t you say? As opposed to normal state judicial control.

The National ID Card, also known as “E-Verify,” will make it harder for illegal immigrants to find work in the United States. The new bill may require every employer to buy a scanner or have a least a Government app of some sort to check the legal work status of potential employees. How else would the biometric system of ID work, but with a scanner or government app. Anyone not registered under the National ID Card will not be able to work, legally that is, in the U.S. Thus, potential employers will not be able to hire you once all 50 states concede to the 4760 bill. Every worker will have a biometric ID issued by the federal government in order to be able to legally work.

“But in reality, illegal immigrants are typically paid under the table anyway – many of them simply work as day laborers and get paid in cash at the end of the day. In light of that fact, the unconstitutional plot to mandate National ID Cards will do little to prevent unscrupulous employers from continuing to hire illegal immigrants, off the books. What the scheme will do, though, is force all law-abiding Americans to carry an unconstitutional national ID with all their information on it, including sensitive biometric data, just to be allowed to work. It will also give the feds a key new tool to monitor and control people.”

Knowing this to be the case, a cashless society will become more and more of a reality. A reality aimed at making it harder for illegal immigrants to obtain monetary funds. Bitcoins may be the platform on which to spring-board a cashless/paperless monetary system. But the federal government would have to legalize it within it’s framework, thus again, taking something away from the people of America and abroad through federal guidelines. That way the monitoring of payments through the legal National ID Card registration of employees to the Stock Market can now be monitored. Moreover, according to the powers that be, I believe there are other issues in reference their justification for a National ID Card: Namely terrorism and any potential global pandemic; whether staged or un-staged.

According to The New American, “The Goodlatte bill ends the widely ridiculed and highly unpopular “Diversity Lottery.” That scheme, also enormously unpopular with Americans, randomly imports 50,000 people each year from “under-represented” countries, handing them a Green Card so they can move to America if they win the “lottery.” The program came under renewed scrutiny last year after a jihadist “Diversity Visa” winner from Uzbekistan murdered eight people in a terrorist attack in New York. Trump has also been highly vocal about ending the “Diversity Lottery,” which he said should be replaced with a merit-based program.

On the flip side, the Securing America’s Future Act offers a dramatic boost in the number of foreign workers that companies can import each year to compete for jobs with Americans. According to an analysis of the bill cited in media reports, the measure would increase the number of foreign workers brought in by 45 percent, meaning 55,000 additional immigrants each year on top of those already coming in. In all, under the bill, the United States would still see close to a million new, legal immigrants each year. The bill also expands the H-2C program, allowing about a million temporary workers to come into the United States and compete with Americans in the food and agriculture sectors.

Finally, the Goodlatte legislation would authorize and begin funding the construction of a physical barrier – parts of which may be an actual wall, as promised by Trump – on the southern U.S. border with Mexico. The relevant provisions of the bill would also increase the use of technology and other “tactical infrastructure” on the border to help stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States. And, the bill would add thousands of additional Border Patrol agents to help bring the border area under control.”

The chant “Build the Wall” has become a rhetorical chant. You see, what is meant to protect us will eventually trap us. Trap our privacy in a federal data base. The 4760 bill act is a persuasive mandate. The art of persuasion is a rhetorical device. It is rhetorical in essence. Meaning, relating to, or concerned with the art of rhetoric. Repetition is a common rhetorical device. And how often have we heard of such since the 1993 World Trade Center bombings and of course the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

The Real ID Card Act and that of the National ID Card bill are strikingly similar. However, “There is disagreement about whether the Real ID Act institutes a national identification card system.”

Many claim that the “new law only sets forth national standards, but leaves the issuance of cards and the maintenance of databases in state hands; therefore, the Department of Homeland Security claims it is not a national ID system.” March 5, 2007 – Archived

Others argue that this is a trivial distinction due to uniform national standards created by the AAMVA and linked data bases. There are many organizations opposed to the National ID Card they include; Libertarian groups and Conservative Evangelicals. At last, something the two can agree upon. Similarly; the Cato Institute, the ACLU,  Christian advocacy groups such as the ACLJ founded by Pat Robinson, the 5-11 Campaign, North Carolinians Against Real ID, the AFL-CIO, People for the American Way, Gun Owners of America, the Constitutionist Party, the Editorial Dept at the Wall Street Journal and a number of others; including many Senators of both, Republican and of the Democratic party, are all opposed to such a bill.

But since neither party can come up with workable immigration reforms, the majority held Republican Congress and Democratic seat holders have come to a bipartisan agreement to “stab the American people and the U.S. Constitution in the back, on multiple key issues. Under the guise of getting “something” in exchange for providing amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (and “I suppose” – T.Perez – future Democrat voters) in Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the establishment wing of the GOP is pushing a radical longtime goal of the bipartisan Deep State: mandatory national biometric ID cards for all Americans. Privacy and liberty are under serious threat, critics warned.” The New American.

However, National ID Cards are nothing really new. According to, “National ID cards have long been advocated as a means to enhance national security, unmask potential terrorists, and guard against illegal immigrants. They are in use in many countries around the world including most European countries, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Currently, the United States and the United Kingdom have continued to debate the merits of adopting national ID cards. The types of card, their functions, and privacy safeguards vary widely.”

A Stack of Cards and the Domino Effect

As we have just read earlier, we went from the Real ID Card to the National ID Card practically overnight. And the National ID Card came in just before the October 1, 2020 deadline. As a matter of fact, a whole two years before, via the 4760 bill on January 10, 2018. But history tells us that this also is nothing really new. The following 12 points illustrates this.

1. In 1936, the Social Security Number (SSN) was created. It was meant to be used as an account number for our retirement, and was to be only associated with the Social Security System.

2. Though expanded through what is known as “creep in’s” (the classic example of function creep is the use of the Social Security Number in various government agencies, including the DMV). It is still not to be used as a universal identifier.

3. In 1971, the idea to make it into a national identifier was rejected.

4. In 1973, the Health Education and Welfare secretary’s Advisory deemed that a national identifier was not desirable.

5. In 1976, the Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification rejected a national identifier.

6. In 1977, the Carter Administration rejected it.

7. In 1981, the Reagan Administration rejected it, and was explicitly opposed to it.

8. The Clinton administration had a somewhat universal reformed idea of it; the Health Security Card. Guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality. But it was rejected, since it would also use our SSN’s.

9. In 1999, it finally happened. Congress repealed a controversial provision on the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. It gave authorization to finally include Social Security numbers on driver’s licenses.

10. In response to the tragic events of Sept 11, 2001 there has been a renewed interest in the creation of National ID Cards, via the Real ID bill.

11. Then came the Patrot Act of October 26, 2001 signed into effect by the Bush Administration.

12. Then came the 2005 Real ID Card bill granting state extensions on universal acceptance, with NYS (my state) having up until October 1, 2020 to concede the bill into state law, thus putting into effect federal law. Once again, the state is under federal laws and guidelines.

The rest is history. In 2007, 8, and 9 amendments and extensions were made to states and the bill was placed on hold until 2011. After that along came the 4760 bill in 2018 due to the reasons stated above. Big government will just get bigger.

Many critics, individual opponents and advocacy groups “believe that having a Real ID-compliant license may become a requirement for various basic tasks. A January 2008 statement made by the ACLU of Maryland says: “The law places no limits on potential required uses for Real IDs. In time, Real IDs could be required to vote, collect a Social Security check, access Medicaid, open a bank account, go to an Orioles game, or buy a gun. The private sector could begin mandating a Real ID to perform countless commercial and financial activities, such as renting a DVD or buying car insurance. Real ID cards would become a necessity, making them de facto national IDs.” However, in order to perform many of those tasks, government-issued identification is already required (e.g., two forms of ID – usually a driver’s license, passport, or Social Security card – are required by the Patriot Act in order to open a bank account).

Moreover, it violates our 10th Amendment rights. But this is still debatable. It also leaves us more vulnerable to identity thieft due to it being a universal card number, as opposed to various passwords, pins and accounts. One number linked into a Real ID Card or National ID Card via – driver’s licenses and linked SSN’s are subject to hijacking. However, “the Bush administration, in the DHS final rule regarding the Real ID Act implementation, counters that the security precautions regarding handling sensitive personal data and hiring DMV workers, that are specified in the Real ID Act and in the rule, provide sufficient protections against unauthorized use and theft of such personal data (pages 5281–5283 of the DHS final rule in the Federal Register).” Rulings like this can potentially make DMV workers immigration officers and federal employees, all with the power to look into your privacy.

Click to access real_id_final_rule_part1_2008-01-11.pdf


All this may sound too familiar, but this time the puzzle fits. And while I’ am not an alarmist, a conspiracy theorist, an apocalyptic junkie, or an evangelical dispensational futuristic advocate, the issue at hand does beckon a “Cassandra Complex” to be looked upon with caution in regards to Revelation 13:16-17, which states; “and he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” 

It is precisely for this reason that I took the time to write this little article. Considering what the site entails and discusses, it shouldn’t come to any mind out there that I may be playing the “complex” or trying to interpolate current world events into Scripture. I am not that type of person. I do not read things into Scripture or any other material of Holy Writ. I simply put information out there just in case – a sort of cautionary look into things. You never know. But simply put, I do not blow trumpets.

And while there are different interpretations regarding Rev 13:16-17 between the Christian and Islamic world, more so in Christendom, there are historical parallelisms that can entail a prophecy or warning that was/is/or will be fulfilled in times past, present or in it’s future state. Such can also be said of the case pertaining to Daniel chapter 9. Both of which have been discussed in others articles located on this website. Thus the National ID Card is nothing short of coming closer to a police state. But here’s to hoping that this mandate does not fulfill an Orwellian dystopia as depicted in Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ (often published as ‘1984). ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ is a dystopian novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell. 

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