The Fourth Installment: The First Day; The Issue

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. July 22, 2018 at 2:09AM. Copyright 2018.

1. Who is He that commands?

2. Make intercession for us, Oh Lord! Make intercession for yourself, Oh Phantom. Destroy your Strawman. Destroy your desires, Oh sons and daughters of Humanity.

3. Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool. The enemy is found in your name; the enemy is your number.

4. Captive bound are you, Oh Phantom; for you were created in vain. Created through issues. Before issues, desires did set in your heart. Fleshly desires which proceeded after want.

5. The Phantom objects; crying, “I have reproduced out of love!”

6. Let us reason together. Did you not want? Did you not desire? Did you not act upon it? Did you not proclaim your Earthly love to receive love in return? Did you not continue the act until satisfaction set in?

7.  You cry; “I love you.” But it is a vain thing to proclaim your “I” to receive an “I” in return.

8. You give nothing to one another except what has been given to you from the beginning of your life.

9. Thus says the Om Omnilogos, not once did I ever utter the words, “I love you;” even in, and when, in the form of God; and all incarnations of flesh

10. My love is demonstrated by what I am not. My love is demonstrated by my absence. My love is demonstrated by My silence. My love is demonstrated by non creation of this world.

11. Yet is it not written; “The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord.” Is it not written; “In the beginning I created the Heavens and the Earth?” Is it not written; that I breathed into Man the Breath of Life, and “Man became a living soul?”

12. O foolish Phantoms do you still not understand the stories of your writings? If you are an image, then you are an imperfection. How can the perfect create the imperfect?

13. Chaos and darkness was upon the face of the Earth. As it is written; “Who is the chaos?” “Who is the darkness?” Your God it is. Your thoughts handed down to you did create what you see and perceive.

14. The councils did sit, and proclaimed the all into existence. Through my Word created they the imperfection.

15. Eternal is my Word. Eternal is the Logos. But in vain did the councils use My Logos, and in pride did they ascend to be like unto Me, the Most High.

16. In the absence of silence did I allow them to create the world; the world of similes. And in silence did I sit back and allowed the Sons of Men to do their will and bend the bow.

17. Death became known. The council of the gods give life unto death. But our Om Omnilogos gives life unto life everlasting.

17. Do not fear death. For you are already born dying since the issue gave life. Cells die the day you are born. Motion set in time are they; created by the ancient counsels, who themselves are created.

18. It is the time of your imagery, ignorance, desires, wants, needs, poverty, sickness, ideologies, governments, evils, darkness, and death. Motions of time are they.

19. But glory be unto Om Omnilogos in the highest! Peace and good will toward all Humanity everywhere.

20. For I was slain before the foundations were created. Resting in my Mind are all the motions of time. Time was spoken into being by the counsels, but did I not create the counsels by My own Word and through the Word of God? Time itself is locked within the hands of our Om Omnilogos.

21. Locked in them are the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of our Om Omnilogos. Locked until your redemption. Forever redeeming. Forever is the act of reconciliation for all.

22. Time and death came upon Me. You will ask; “How did time and death come upon that which is Eternal; and upon that which is the same yesterday, today and forever?” “And how did you demonstrate your love toward us?”