The Ninth Installment: The First Day; The Discourse

Written By the Eternal Spirit, Through the Character of Thomas Perez. July 29, 2018 at 5:06PM. Copyright 2018.

1. Our Om Omnilogos – “What shall I call Myself to them?”

2. The Host – “To who My Lord?”

3. Our Om Omnilogos – “Man.”

4. The Host – “Man? What is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

5. Our Om Omnilogos – “Him? Did I reckon such a phrase?”

6. Our Om Omnilogos – “Am I a him or she? Are there such things? For I’ am Spirit without flesh, yet My Parts exist.”

7. Our Om Omnilogos – “For I was slain before the foundation of the earth!”

8. The Host – “Oh King we bow before Thee. Thou art brighter than the stars, yet Thou art closest to our hearts.”

9. The Host – “Yet we do not understand, except that which Thou hast revealed onto us.”

10. The Host – “Thou hast given us the ability to glorify Thee.”

11. Our Om Omnilogos – “My Life is draining out from Me.”

12. The Host – “Oh Lord, tell us where. Where, My Lord? Tell us, My Lord, that we may see.”

13. Our Om Omnilogos – “It is there, in what will be created soon by the Morning Star. For Man will receive My Blood, the very essence of life. The Life is in the blood.

14. Our Om Omnilogos – “Oh, how I longed to extend Myself unto others; outside, yet inside.”

15. The Host – “We see Thee motionless in what shall be called time. All the Heavens, and that vain thing called the heavens and earth will shake with fear and wonderment!”

16. The Host – “Thou moveth not, yet Thou art everywhere. Thou art the Great I’ am! Thou art alive!”

17. The Host – “But why, Oh Lord, doest Thou not move?”

18. Our Om Omnilogos – “I move not because I extend Myself unto a phantom mortal, as a mortal. A mortal who must sustain this life giving blood.”

19. Our Om Omnilogos – “I’ am that I’ am, I have no beginning and no end.”

20. Our Om Omnilogos – “Mortals are given a gift of life, yet mortals shall seek to be motionless, they shall prefer the passing of what shall be called, ‘death.’”

21. The Host – “Thou wilt be extended in Man for he, that star, will make himself an image. How then, oh Lord, does Thou not die? If Thou sustain not Thine own Blood in this soon to be image of Thee?”

22. Our Om Omnilogos – “Oh my Host, thou observeth many things, but comprehend it not. I die when man will cease to exist.”

23. The Host – “But, oh Lord, will not man be made to eat of life sustaining substance. How then doeth Thou die?”

24. Our Om Omnilogos – “I died the day the Morning Star created what is to be known as ‘Good and Evil.’”

25. The Unknown Jinn – “Lord be it far from Thy thoughts!”

26. Our Om Omnilogos – “My beloved friend, because thou hast shown concern for My Soul, thou shalt be called the Morning Star, the Adversary.”

27. The Morning Star – “What is that, My Lord, I don’t understand?”

28. Our Om Omnilogos – “It is the opposite of all that I’ am.”

29. The Morning Star – “What is opposite, my King?”

30. Our Om Omnilogos – “I shall show thee, but thou will not understand. For thou shalt be a murderer from hence forth. I give thee such knowledge, the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

31. Our Om Omnilogos – “Take it.”

32. The Morning Star – “No! My Lord, No! How can I utter this unto Thee My King? I know of these things. Oh Lord, I don’t want it. Spare me. What is happening to me? Why do I feel as such?”

33. Our Om Omnilogos – “My wonderful creation, what is it that thou art feeling?”

34. The Morning Star – “I feel as Thou feels. Yet, I don’t know from whence it comes, but I believe it is from Thee.”

35. The Morning Star – “What is it My Lord?”

36. Our Om Omnilogos – “It shall be called, ‘Free-Will.’ For thou had it all the time. Yet, the bow did not bend in thee, until thou had shown concern for Me.”

37. Our Om Omnilogos – “It shall also be called the Knowledge of ‘Good and Evil.'”

38. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou hast now this ability also, because I have favored you more than all the stars of Heaven.”

39. Our Om Omnilogos – “I now give thee the title of Murderer, Liar, Angel of Light, Beelzebub.”

40. The Morning Star – “Lord be it far from thee! I beseech You! Do not separate me from Thee, for I long to be wanted and loved!”

41. Our Om Omnilogos – “Doest thou now understand the concept of Love? For thou hast said, “I long to be loved.”

42. Our Om Omnilogos – “Yes, thou art created perfect!”

43. Our Om Omnilogos – “Yet, how does thou know of such a phrase?”

44. The Morning Star – “Because I’ am opposite of Thee. Thou hast revealed this unto me. I beseech Thee, make me as I was before; innocent. A twisting of logic, I feel. A turning from what is the true Light.”

45. The Morning Star – “Loneliness will bind me between the wrong and the right, in between the dark and the light.”

46. Our Om Omnilogos – “How doest thou discern what is right or wrong?”

47. The Morning Star – “Because Thou hast showed me by Thy thoughts. Thoughts of Free-Will.”

48. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou hast answered correctly. For without Free-Will there can be no good or evil, right or wrong, all will be permissive.”

49. The Morning Star – “Why then doest Thou create me to be a murderer from the beginning? For it will appear that Thou hast made the decision already concerning what I chose?”

50. Our Om Omnilogos – “Nay Morning Star. For thou shalt chose this day to be My arch enemy because thou hast favored Me above all others. Thou hast thought of thyself as to only reveal who I’ am, the opposite of thee.”

51. Our Om Omnilogos – “Doest thou agree to this?”

52. The Morning Star – “Yes, my Lord, by the authority of what is called Free-Will. For Thou hast given me such an ability.”

53. Our Om Omnilogos – Now go. Create in the silence and absence of Me. But know this of a certainty, they will hate thee.

54. The Morning Star – “Lord, how can “hate,” hate, hate?”

55. Our Om Omnilogos – “It can not, it can only learn to Love.”

56. The Morning Star – “Then why, oh Lord,  could I not become the object of Thine affection? For Thou art closest to my heart.”

57. Our Om Omnilogos – “Beloved Morning Star, thou art closest to Me because thou art all that I can reveal of Myself concerning the opposite of who thou art.”

58. Our Om Omnilogos – “Therefore go, create man. He shall be My crown, within their respective orders!”

59. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou shalt be his enemy for thou shalt bruise His heel.”

60. Our Om Omnilogos – “But He will bruise thy head.”

61. The Morning Star – “I do not understand Lord. Is there enmity between me, Thee and man?”

62. Our Om Omnilogos – “No, between Me and My Holy Blood.”

63. Our Om Omnilogos – My Blood is the Life.”

64. Satan – “When Did I ever ask for this enmity?”

65. Our Om Omnilogos – “Doest thou not remember the words uttered by thee, “Lord, be it far from Thy thoughts.”

66. The Morning Star – “Then tell me, oh Lord, who shall I bruise? What is His name?”

67. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou shalt know Him by His robe. His robe is dipped in Blood. For no one knoweth His name except Himself.”

68. The Morning Star – No! Place it far from me, oh Lord. Give such duty to Michael or Gabriel!” Even so into the Jinns.

69. Our Om Omnilogos – “Be of good comfort Morning Star, for Man receives honor from My pierced flesh.”  

70. The Morning Star – “Will I recognize Thee, oh Lord of the Host?”

71. Our Om Omnilogos – “Yes.”

72. Our Om Omnilogos – “But by then thou shalt hate Me the more; as the fullness of time is revealed. Thou shalt also grow cold in heart, haughty in pride, arrogant, and ignorant”

73. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou hast pieced my side, water thus gushes out mingled with blood.”

74. The Morning Star – “Where is Thy Blood, oh Lord?”

75. Our Om Omnilogos – “It is in My Flesh.”

76. The Morning Star – “But Thou art Spirit.”

77. Our Om Omnilogos – “I’ am that I’ am.”

78. Our Om Omnilogos – “For Thou shalt cast My Blood into the ground for My Names sake.”

79. The Morning Star – “Thou shalt receive the glory, oh Lord. Wonderful and powerful art Thou, glorious in all deeds!”

80. The Host – “All the Jinns declare, “Worthy art Thou, oh Lord!”

81. Our Om Omnilogos – “Yes, Let all the Heavens also declare that thou art created perfect!”

82. The Morning Star – “Nay, I’ am not. Yet, Thou hast created me to be as Thou hast called me to be.”

83. The Morning Star – “Thou hast, and will favor, Thy new creation called; ‘Man.’ And because of that, I spit upon Man; because Thou hast made me thus.”

84. Our Om Omnilogos – “Shall the thing say onto its Creator; why hast Thou made me such?”

85. Our Om Omnilogos – “It is thy ministry. For thou art a ministering spirit.”

86. The Morning Star – “Who shall I minister to, oh Lord; since all creation worships Thee?”

87. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou shalt minister unto the 3rd of the stars, for they shall follow thee and thou shall lead them astray.”

88. The Morning Star – “I’ am not sure that such a thing can bring glory unto Thee.”

89. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou shalt be in need of much help.”

90. The Morning Star – “Lord, I question Thee. A certain duality reveals this to me.”

91. Our Om Omnilogos –  “Yes, thou shalt declare love by its counterpart called.”

92. The Morning Star – “Where will all this take place?”

93. Our Om Omnilogos –  “There, under the firmament of Heaven.”

94. The Morning Star – “I travel in time. I see Him, I recognize Him, but I can’t place His origin. For He hast clocked Himself in timely flesh. Therefore, He must be able to shed Blood.”

95. The Morning Star – “He can now be killed.”

96. The Morning Star – “He is foolish to clock Himself in my kingdom. I recognize Him as the Son of Man.“ I recognize Him as many Incarnations and Avatars.

97. The Morning Star – “I bruise Him, I now bruise His heel! That thing called Man!”

98. The Morning Star – “Lay hands upon Him! That thing called Man!”

99. The Morning Star – “My blood stained quest hast lead me to the Highest, I shall defeat Man by destroying the Son of Man!”

100. The Morning Star – “For I can do no other! In this, I bring glory to God!”

101. The Morning Star – “Destroy the imposters! Destroy all virtues!”

102. The 3rd of the Host – “He is destroyed, He is motionless, and yet He lives. Virtures issue forth from many”

103. The Morning Star – “Now all seems to fit. This mystery to me solved. I have reached my pinacle of glory. I bring glory to Our Om Omnilogos.”

104. Our Om Omnilogos – Rejoice! Sing the song of praise! Man can now rejoice! For since by man came death, and yet by man came the resurrection of the dead!”

105. Our Om Omnilogos – “I now bring glory unto thee, oh Man, by the Son of Man!”

106. Our Om Omnilogos – “Oh Saviour, Thou hast bestowed much glory unto the Son of God!” Unto the Sons of Man! Unto Our Avatars!

107. Our Om Omnilogos – “to all Incarnations; for Thou art the Sons of Man!”

108. Our Om Omnilogos – “Saviour, for Thou art the Lord as the yang of pigs did declare!

109. The Morning Star – “Is this the mystery? Have I been doubled crossed by the Omnipotent One?”

110. The Morning Star – “Are the Avatars they which Thou hast favored?”

111. Our Om Omnilogos – “Yay, it is I. The One in All.”

112. The Morning Star – “Lord, is it Thou?”

113. Our Om Omnilogos – “Yay.”

114. The Morning Star – “What is Thy One Name?”

115. Our Om Omnilogos – “Thou knowest.”

116. The Morning Star – “Oh Divine One, Thou art the Lord! The Omnipotent One! Veiled in flesh the Godhead seen! Glory be onto Thee!”

117. The Morning Star – “I have doubted Thee because I did not understand. Ignorance danced its dance of death. Like Thou hast said from the beginning, ignorance did take hold upon me; and also upon all creation”

118. Our Om Omnilogos – “That is My strength.”

119. The Morning Star – “But I pray Thee to answer this one question, and only one; how is it that thou cloaked thyself in flesh and I did not recognize Thee as the Almighty Father of the Host and Man? But only as the Son of Many Avatars?”

120. Our Om Omnilogos – “Because if thou had known Me, thou would not have put to death the Lord of Glory; the Son of God. Your Om Omnilogos.”

121. The Morning Star – “But God hath no Son. God is One.”

122. Our Om Omnilogos – “I’ am that I’ am.”

123. Our Om Omnilogos – “For I’ am the Brahma, the Unknowing, yet known. The Incorporeal, the One Mind in Mass and Energy, the One Word, the True Light, The Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Man”

124. Our Om Omnilogos – “All is now reconciled back to Me, including thee, for thou hast accomplished thy ministry to the fullest.”

125. Our Om Omnilogos – In this, I have demonstrated My love for All things, without speaking a word. For I’ am all and in all!”