Beware the Contact Tracers and HR Bill 6666.

Written By Thomas Perez. Various Dates From March to May, 2020.

“Tracing,” “contacts,” and various other words are so ominous, that it boggles the imagination. The following video should cause everyone to sound the alarm. This is not good. The video can be found at the LINK I provided from “Altcensored.”  The picture of the video is for confirmation. Click the LINK below the picture.

The truth of contract tracers can also be found in the following two videos.

With more on the way.

Contact Tracers can even be found on the official New York City HRA website. Case and Point: I was just browsing through the NYC HRA career opportunity website out of curiosity, and look at what I discovered; “Report a social distancing violation.” Very ominous indeed. Weasels!

Here is a proposed HR Bill on “Contact Tracers.” If passed, they will actually have the authority to remove people from their families, if warranted, to be housed in a moble unit; all in the name of “Public Safety.” By the way, don’t you just love those numbers: “6666” with an extra 6 for emphasis, huh? congress/house-bill/6666/text?r=8

Even the Prime Minister of Israel; Netanyahu, supports a similar Bill of this kind in Israel. This is not a good sign. The source that I originally found this information from about Netanyahu was from the “Jerusalem Post.” Further information is covered in the podcast link below. Also, look up H.R. Bill 6666 –