Covid 19: Fake Doctors and Nurses; Exaggerated Cases and Deaths Numbers

Written By Thomas Perez. March 31, 2020.

Regardless of how long one keeps a mask on, no face is going to look like that. That picture is obviously a photo op. And no real doctor or nurse is going to lay on a dirty floor in their PPE’s and then get up and treat terminally ill patients with the same PP, especially after all of the fake news about the PPE shortages. Think it through. These are Crisis Actors. This is staged mockery.

It is because of all this, that this particular scene from ‘The Shining’ has now become my all time favorite cinematic quotes: “You see?” “He saw it on the television.”

Fake news is the enemy of the people. I saw a picture on Facebook (but I didn’t save it) that showed CNN showing the “sheeple” a so-called make shift hospital, claiming Covid19. The only thing about it was that it was taken from the movie “Lockdown.”

According to the MSM, there are 10,481 deaths in NY, that is particularly according to the NY Times­. That’s what they are are saying. They’re saying that there are hundreds of people at the hospitals, they’re over croweded and jammed. They claim that it is a “War Zone.” This is simply not true. I uploadef two videos of three hospitals that I visited on April 4th and 7th, and found out that the MSM’s apocalyptic narratives were simply unfounded and untrue.

I am a Medical Coder: I work in conjunction with various HMO’s. I have access to thousands of medical charts, and so far, to be completely honest, I haven’t seen any death from Covid 19. Not one. The deaths that I do see are from those who have either died from natural causes, health complications, diabetes, heart failure, Aids your typical pneumonias, and the typical cold – which can often lead to serious complications and/or the seasonal flu, etc. But that is of no big deal because those things have been happening for decades now. As a coder I have to trace various ailments so that they can be coded properly through the patients history (narrative).

Covid 19: What is “IT?” A cough, a sneeze, a fever, the chills, or a runny nose? Have people been tested already? If not, and if they are being diagnosed as having the big C19; how can that be so? – when testing wasn’t performed prior to these deaths?

But more importantly, before testing became available in some areas, how was it possible to even diagnose a person as having the big C19 when there was no testing available to confirm whether they had it or not. You can not assume a diagnosis based upon symptoms that are so common without test confirmations. But yet they continued to confirm something based upon an assumption.

Again, I repeat, as a Medical Coder I have access to thousands of charts. These deaths, or cases, are based upon symptoms, more so than actual testings. This all extremely odd.

In all reality this is nothing more than a severe flu epidemic (Dr. Fauci’s words, not mine. It is not even close to SARS or MERS – Fauci). Yes, they have categorized it as such (Covid 19). We can not help that. But that doesn’t necessarily make it so. Its a name. And like I said prior and recently, “Be Safe,” “Be cautious.” By my saying that prior clearly indicates that I do not deny it. But I am highly suspicious of what the MSM is telling us. Let me also say this.

I use to work in the health field (as a Case Manager), actually I still do, as a Medical Coder. At my older job I had a case load of 30-33 clients/patients. Other case managers had about the same. Now, with reference to our non-HIV and HIV clients, many were tested for HIV. Some were negative and some were positive. But check this out. Every single client/patient who tested positive were asked a series of questions. If the response was in favor of symptomatic and/or, as they call it “opportunistic lifestyles or diseases” like pneumonia, they were immediately diagnosed with the virus. While those who were pretty damn promiscuous came back as negative. Pretty strange don’t you think?

P.S. By the way, I am also told to code by the highest rank via diagnostic pathology as possible; that way the doctor can get paid at maximum top dollar. Talk about being greedy.

Here is an article by the New York Post that verifies what I am saying.

The big C19 now becomes a matter of semantics. The confirmed C19 ICD 11 (updated) code is “RA01.0” and the code for the clinical diagnosis (suspected or probable) of C19 is “RA01.1.” So either way you put it, they diagnose patients (like the patient in the video below) based upon false pathologies. And as a medical coder I would have to code it at such. As an individual that has access to thousands and thousands of EMR’s I see what I see; most, if not all of these cases, are bogus.

Here are some more silly numbers that do not add up. Think about it “sheeple” and “tin foil hat” lovers. In NY there are supposedly 10,834 deaths thus far. The NY Post has it at 11,586. In the entire nation there are supposedly 26,211 deaths. Open your eyes – that’s almost half of the so-called death tolls taking place in NY. Crowded cities like LA and WA should be teeming with many deaths too. After all, WA and LA are over populated too. But “Nah” gotta concentrate the media hoax primarily to the confines of NY.

Here is a perfect example of media manipulation.

Here is another example. This article was written on March 13, 2020. The picture below is an Easter wish to their fellow Canadians. Note how happy the entire family is, including the kids. No masks, no social distancing, nothing! A perfect role model of a mother. Ya just can’t make this stuff up.

Moreover comments in the video below confirms the exaggerated claims and bogus fake numbers and deaths. The comments on YouTube all confirm what the ICU nurse in the video is saying. It also confirms what I have been saying in reference to my profession.

Further confirmation of this can be found in the so-calles infamous video by Dr. Erickson.

Dr. Ericksons video was deleted at one point, as the following video indicates. But it can still be found.

The following conjoined pictures are more examples of exaggerated death numbers. I usually laugh at low budget “B” movies when they use stock footage in their films, like ‘Plan Nine From Outer Space,’ but this is ridiculous!

Here is another example of over exaggeration. Oops! Perish the thought that someone like this man would die from obesity, congestive heart failure, emphysema from smoking, the seasonal flu or natural causes. Oh no! But if he had the sniffles, its: Emergency! Help, its the big C19! Pathetic!

And out of all that is written in the picture below; and the list can go on, and on, and on, there are still 7.7 billion people in the world. Lets see now, 7.7 minus 3,287 = 7,699,996,715 people left. Damn, that’s still too much. Gotta think of something else to curve the herds. The Climate Change growth control hoax just isn’t working fast enough.

The following link from the prestigious ‘World Economic Forum’ speaks of these exaggerated numbers also.

When people like Birx announce that they have a liberal approach to recording numbers, it gives the impression that it’s acceptable and necessary. The CDC recently changed their death toll numbers to less than before. Is she angry they are inflating the numbers, or is she angry that they gave the public one more reason to question this narrative that she herself has been pushing from the beginning? How much was she paid to push these inflated numbers? It is a hoax.

With all this information available, why are people still so afraid?

They are afraid because most people would rather listen to a little girl. The hoax is getting stacked so high right now, that its down right pathetic! Change your diapers, little girl! I am so tired of all of it!