Two Videos Conducted By Myself: No Freezer Trucks, No Body Bags and No War Zones

Written By Thomas Perez. April 9, 2020

Here is what the MSM is telling us.

The first and second pictures were taken by me, via Dr. Colleen Smith’s YouTube video where she was supposedly allowed to record inside Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, and reported the truck that you see. However, on April 7th I filmed Elmhurst Hospital and found no such truck and posted it on Facebook on the 8th. But if you still do not believe me, believe the last two pictures: The LEC (LEO) satellites.

An average Joe that saw the freezer trucks live at the time would actually believe “it” and record it; trucks, bodies, etc. The media recorded “it” also. Hospitals are getting some serious money from the Federal Govenment to stage this hoax, probably under the guise of “its the right thing to do – an incentive.” In a video I saw, taken down by YouTube now, four different people went at four different times to verify the swamp at Elmhurst hospital’ with their own cameras and “bingo,” they found nothing. Upon learning of this, I wanted to verify whether this was true or not. I did. However, let it be known that I am not denying that people are sick. What I am saying is that this is nothing more than a severe flu epidemic, as qouted by Dr. Fauci in ‘The New England Medical Journal,’ blown out of proportion to implement change.

The following two videos contain empirical evidence of no freezer trucks, body bags or war zones as recorded by me. I was able to hit two hospitals in the first video. In the first video I saw nothing. No hoards, no “sheeple,” nothing. I only saw one truck at Metropolitan Hospital, and one at Bellevue. The media showed four at Bellevue and three at Elmhurst. I saw no activity. The second video was recorded at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York. Elmhurst has been dubbed the “Apocalypse.” And again, there were no freezer trucks, body bags or war zones.

This is precisely why I went to my own local city hospitals in NY on April 4th and 8th; and proclaimed the hype was fake! And that, my dear “sheeple,” is the reason why I call it a hoax. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that even the so-called “bodies” were nothing more than fake props. There is talk about that. “But that’s none of my business” – Kermit the Frog.

But yet as of the writing of this article, I came across an article in Yahoo that clearly shows that the MSM are still showing us freezer trucks. Many people would say, “Oh, that’s because maybe they moved them by the time you got there to do your own recording.” Not true. And if so, they would have at least left one truck – because after all, besides Elmhurst – which also had no trucks, Bellevue is considered to be one of the main centers for the “so-called” pandemic.

Moveover, many people will also say “I saw the trucks in person on a such, and such, day.” Well, that may be true, but then again why did they remove them the very next day, or the day after that? And why didn’t I see them? And why is Yahoo and other mainstream sources still reporting that they are still there? You know why? Answer: It’s called setting up a prop. Its called a false flag event. It’s called a hoax, a fake pandemic. It’s also called, “Please Finance me – aka – the Hospitals.”